Snippet from “Blessing of the Elements”

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My Darling Ziltra,

I pray you will forgive me, but I must leave Kaycon. I am not permitted to say more. I promised I would never leave you, but, I must. In time, you will understand. Things will become clear.

In the days to come, try to remember that I love you. Remember all of the things your father warned you about. Keep Nevin’s words close to your heart. Try to remember what the wood elf said to you. Do not question their loyalty to you. I know that you have been questioning everything, but I promise you, things will eventually be revealed.

My mother taught me long ago that there is a time for chaos and a time for balance. We find ourselves in a time of chaos. She also raised me to understand that in the midst of chaos, there is hope. I believe you are that hope.

Be wise, be mindful, and be safe.

With my undying love,


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