Abstract backgroundSnippet from THE FINE LINE:

As much as she wanted to talk to Matt about everything, Robin didn’t. She hated hiding things especially since they had made a pact to always be honest with one another. However, she knew that he would debunk everything. Olivia didn’t need that. She needed positive reinforcement and assurance about her feelings, thoughts, and gifts. Most of all, she needed acceptance.

One evening Robin stood looking out the window of the porch facing the field. She rubbed the little bump protruding from her abdomen. A sort of uneasiness returned. She couldn’t attribute what she felt to pregnancy jitters either.

Glancing over at the rocking chair on the porch, she watched as it moved back and forth. Suddenly, she felt she wasn’t alone. In her mind she saw the woman in her dream. “I know you’re here,” she whispered. The familiar sadness swept over her.

The incident helped Robin make an important decision. Monday she would research the house. She needed to know why the woman always felt sad.

As she continued standing at the door, the mood changed. It felt more foreboding and darker. The temperature dropped several degrees and she felt the woman leave. A sinister presence emerged.

“I know what you are,” Robin said quietly.


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