Things that Matter, Episode 2

On Thursday night, the 2nd episode of my series on YouTube aired. I actually decided to insert the content at the last-minute.

I think it’s important for people to say when something hurts them. If they don’t, it tends to bottle up and then there’s anger and bitterness and all sorts of awful things. Because I’m not bound by an oath of confidentiality, I expressed my sincere contempt over what happened regarding the accusations that I am a dirty politician. Well, I wasn’t called a dirty politician, but it still fit pretty well.

I think the worst part is that I wasn’t warned when I could have been. Once situations like that happen, things are never the same. In fact, the entire situation has caused me to start learning new skills.

So, better late than never, here’s the episode from this week.


2 responses to “Things that Matter, Episode 2

  1. Well said Tracee. I cant believe you were shot down for winning due to popular vote, some people are so negative at all times. I voted for you and I would have voted for you again. I like your writing, I like your blogs and videos and I consider you to be a friend through the blogs, so yes, I am going to vote for you. Anyway enough said on that horrible chapter, you won because you deserved to win. Good luck with your motivation for learning all the skills you talked about, you will do it.

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