Last Day To Cast

Well, here we are. It’s the final day for voting.

I want to extend my gratitude for your support and tell you how much I appreciate every single vote! As soon as I know the results I will post them. Whether I win or not, the nominations are profound.

Last February, I cut ties with my previous publisher to venture out on my own. I feel like all of that, that step forward in faith, was rewarded through this nomination. I know I have been doomed by some and praised by others for my decisions. I have been called unprofessional and some have tried to smear me. But here’s the reality of it. The situation, my leaving my former publisher, was part of a bigger plan.

THROUGH GLASS DARKLY was nominated for Best Paranormal Romance General category and BETWEEN WORLDS was nominated for Best Paranormal Romance Series. The link to the voting is here (even though it doesn’t seem to be working):


Party link:

Thanks so much for your support.

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