Guest Post: Jo Cattell

UntitledJo Cattell lives in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters, Amber and Jade. She has been writing most of her life, often getting into trouble at school because she would rather write than do her schoolwork. Often, when she is working, she makes a soundtrack to help with the mood of the story line. She finds writing to be a way to escape and relax, and hopes to inspire others with her work.
She finds her models in everyday people she meets, they are the magic to her when it comes to see her characters come to life. She also credits her editor for helping her redesign her book and take them to the next level as well as her photographer when it comes to capturing the images in her mind.



We live with this notion that when we die, we move on to a better place. The evil of the world is behind us. The ones that we leave behind will mourn and we will always be with them. It’s believed ghosts are just lost souls refusing to move on. 
But is that really true? What happens if you die before your time?
Autumn Milley’s life was full of possibilities of the future when it all ended in a flash. In life, she learned of demons from books and movies and in IMG_3008death, she finds out just how real they are. As she lay dying, she is greeted by two other lost souls who have come to help her adjust the after life. Sandy, a flower child who has spent most of her afterlife haunting the ex boyfriend who left her to dye, and Tyler, a charismatic, guy who hides his own secrets of how he passed.
As she starts to adjust to this strange new place, Autumn soon learns of the evils that it holds and how not everyone can be trusted. Demons can come in many shapes and sizes, waiting for a chance to claim a waiting soul to enter the world of the living.  
Can the growing love between her and Ty save her from the darkness? Or will the battle for her soul wipe her from existence completely?
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