A New Series Coming to YouTube

Hello folks! I’m going to be presenting a new series on my YouTube Channel beginning Thursday, January 14th. The show will air at 8 p.m. EST. It will be a 10 part series and the dates are as follows:

Episode 1: January 14th
Episode 2: Jan 28th
Episode 3: Feb 11
Episode 4: Feb 28
Episode 5: March 10
Episode 6: March 31
Episode 7: April 14
Episode 8: April 28
Episode 9: May 12th
Episode 10: May 26th

YOuTubebannerThe show will cover a range of topics but all of them matter, thus the title of the series. I tried to get this going on BlogTalk, but other obligations called to me. So, I thought, “Why not fulfill this on my YouTube Channel?”

Some of the presentations center around relationships while others center around mental health awareness. A variety of topics will be explored. And I warn you, I’m not going to be the prim and proper presenter I once was. It’s time to get real! So stay tuned! And if you’re excited, reblog this post. If you’re super excited leave a comment. If you don’t care either way, that’s okay too. This is more of a “me” thing, sort of like the Stage of Chaos series was. Hope you’ll tune in!


11 responses to “A New Series Coming to YouTube

  1. I’m kind of lost with all this computer stuff. My neighbor has to come over every morning to turn on my computer for me. How do I find your channel and is there any such thing as repeats in case I miss the original? This looks like something I may not want to miss.

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