Teaser Tuesday: A Month of “Through Glass Darkly”

11039514_10153108166348959_639178523_o (2)Henry stood in the barn, feeding the horses, and feeling the warm summer breeze as it blew through. Suddenly, he heard a high-pitched scream coming from the farmhouse. He walked out of the barn and watched in astonishment as Candy, his foster-sister, burst through the back door of the house and began running toward him.
Within mere seconds she landed in his embrace, trembling, her body shuddering against Henry’s. Because he wasn’t sure what was happening, he pulled away from her, his hands still on her shoulders. He needed to see her face. Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth and her bottom lip already started swelling. Her mousy brown hair was a mess, and her tiny frame was clothed in only a shirt and underwear. He peered into her frightened eyes as her hands, resting on his bare chest, balled into fists.
“What happened?” he asked.

“He’s doing it again!” she began in a voice that was half a scream. “I told him to stop. I told him that I didn’t want to do it anymore, but he doesn’t listen.” Her eyes overflowed with tears.

“Candy, what are you talking about? Who did this?”


“Mike did this?” He tried to wrap his mind around what it all meant, but he couldn’t.


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