Guest Blogger: Gisela Sedlmayer


Talon 5-Encounter front cover copyTALON, ENCOUNTER

Gisela Sedlmayer

The poachers are back – and they are looking for Talon? They are doing everything in their power to capture him, and if they can’t get him alive, will kill him. Determined to get him at all cost the poachers run up against the might and will of Tamo, Tima and Talon.

It is the poachers against the condors, Matica and the Indians – with the poachers even taking hostages to win the war.

With the help of Tamo and Tima, Talon and Matica do the impossible, knowing they have to capture and stop the poachers or they will be back.

Between the poachers shooting at the condors, the crows playing their part, and Tamo being shot and injured, Matica goes above and beyond to help her beloved condors.
Action-packed from beginning to end, Talon Encounter will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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It is war. The poachers are back – and they are looking for Talon. What an introduction!

This 382 page ‘Talon, Encounter’ is the fifth book of the Talon series by Gigi Sedlmayer.

The action-packed, inspirational and compassionate tale of Matica’s adventures with the condor named Talon, keeps us page turning. We learn to respect and admire Matica as we see her friendship with the condors – and she learns to interpret the condors’ sounds and gestures.

This is a super-duper series for young teens especially but can be enjoyed also by readers of all ages.

Recommended. A well-deserved five stars.

Well done talented author Gigi. I look forward to reading more of your works.

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I have read all five books in this series and have to say that I loved them. It is best to read this as …

By Alexia Janie Evans on October 17, 2015

Format: Paperback

“Talon, Encounter” by Gigi Sedlmayer is the fifth book in the ‘Talon’ series. I have read all five books in this series and have to say that I loved them. It is best to read this as a series but if you were to pick up book 5 you would be able to follow along as the author does a great job with the characters in the story. In this book Matica (the young girl that the story is written around) and her young condor friend Talon are dealing with poachers. There is much more to this story but it deserves to be read and enjoyed rather than me telling you what is going to happen. Perfect book for younger teens, but as an adult I thoroughly enjoyed it too. The way Gigi Sedlmayer writes shows how the author deals with love of animals, and accepting people with disabilities.

TALON, COME FLY WITH ME-1 front cover copy Talon On the Wing cover_front cover TALON, FLIGHT FOR LIFE 3 front cover only TALON 4, real cover


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