Teaser Tuesday

Haunted CastleHe began sobbing uncontrollably.

“I’m sorry Mr. Fenton. Truly I am. I believe that you didn’t mean to do this.”

He shook his head. “I didn’t. I never wanted this to happen.”

Gene left the room and entered the interrogation room. He cuffed him, then took him out of the room.

Lauren continued sitting at the table staring at the corner. Nick walked in and sat down across from her.

“We’ve been at him for hours. You come in here and in less than fifteen minutes you get a full confession. What the hell is that about?”

“Are you angry with me?” she asked.

“Not at all, I just want to know how you do it.”

“I don’t yell at anyone, first off.”

“I didn’t yell.”

“Yes, you did. I know you and you yelled at that man.”

“He killed his wife!” he shouted.

“See, you’re yelling at me!” Lauren said as she stood up.

Nick shrugged. “I don’t yell…”

“Nick, you have to be able to relate to the accused. This man accidentally killed his wife. He didn’t premeditate anything.”

“Killing is killing.”

“No it isn’t. When you’ve got someone like this man and compare him to The Phantom, well there really is no comparison.”

Nick paced. “I just keep thinking of these three kids. They’re never going to see their mother again.”

“I understand how they feel. You can’t let that cloud your vision though.”

“I know you understand,” he said with a nod. “We still on for tonight?”

“Of course we are. It’s New Year’s Eve. I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way than with you.”

As he looked at Lauren, he realized just how much he cared about her. He wanted to kiss her, but knew that it wasn’t the time or the place. So, he touched her hand gently and promised to pick her up at eight.

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