Work In Progress Wednesday: Dr. Matthew Gregory

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This will be the last WIP post. I’ve lacked the time to focus on my writing, so when I start working on Kacons diligently, I’ll start posting WIP again. Hope you all have enjoyed the character reveals and introductions to current characters. Thanks for following along πŸ™‚

From published work, THE FINE LINE and THROUGH GLASS DARKLY (March 2015).

Dr. Matthew Gregory was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio. He came from humble means. His father own a construction business. His mother was a stay-at-home wife. He had an older brother, with whom he did not get along with. However, when his father died of cancer, Matthew and his brother realized how foolish they had been and put their differences aside for the sake of their mother.

Matthew graduated valedictorian from his high school. Although he was given an upbringing in the Baptist Church, he didn’t really buy into it. So, he became an atheist. His studies furthered his belief in science as the all-powerful answer to all questions.

As a young student in medical school, Matthew had his pick of co-eds. He was handsome, charming, and complete eye candy. He took advantage of this, fully. Quickly, he learned that the game wasn’t so fun to play and “dating” took time away from his studies. So, he put those things aside and put his efforts where they belonged. He focused on his education.

He graduated from The Ohio State University Medical School with significant honors and quickly returned home. In the nearby town of Oxford, he was hired on as an E.R. doctor. He was assigned to the graveyard shift. This suited him just fine. He liked the excitement and the challenges of emergency medicine. Private practice, he felt, would be entirely too boring for him.

It was during his work at the hospital he met his first wife, Sheryl. She was older than him and extremely beautiful. Just a neonatal nurse at the time, Sheryl seemed sincere and kind. They met in the cafeteria one night, both of them pulling in a long shift at the hospital. The chemistry was immediate and whether they had anything to talk about or not, didn’t matter to Matthew. She was an outstanding lover, or so he thought at that time in his life. Above all else, Matthew felt like it was time to settle down. He was tired of the dating scene, so he and Sheryl married. He had no idea it would be a ritualistic nightmare.

1966894_703402993106307_5301043973677488889_nQuickly, Matthew realized Sheryl had a problem staying faithful. When she ended up pregnant, he felt obligated to stay. Thankfully, Matthew’s mother pitched in to help with the newborn daughter because Sheryl was right back at it with other men. Eventually, the pain grew too hard to deal with and Matthew and Sheryl divorced. For the sake of their daughter, they kept things very civil.

One evening in the E.R., Matthew was assigned to a patient who would truly change everything about his life. He was pretty outgoing, but he wasn’t the type of man to ask a stranger out on a date. He had been hurt since Sheryl. A lot. He had dated women who liked playing games and loved to be chased. As far as he was concerned, he was beyond that nonsense. He asked women out that he knew either from the hospital or the local clubs where he hung out. Nevertheless, there was something about this patient that Matthew just couldn’t ignore. She was sweet and she had a way about her that drew him in. It went beyond attraction though.

She came in with a busted up ankle and as he examined her, he literally felt electricity going through him each time he touched her. Even though it was a nurse’s job to take her to x-ray, he happily volunteered to wheel her to radiology. The more he talked to her, the more he wanted to ask her out. So, he did. He took the chance. He thought for sure she would think he was insane, but she accepted a breakfast date with him.

From the first moment he saw her and from their conversation in the E.R., and even more, their date after his Saturday shift, he felt like he’d known her his entire life. They closer they got to one another, the more he wanted to be with her. From the start, he felt comfortable around her and enjoyed her company. He was able to be honest with her and to actually be himself. He didn’t have to pretend or put up walls or be someone he wasn’t. He could relax with her. Robin Hillard swept him completely off of his feet. He wasn’t ashamed to admit it either.

Matthew had a vision of buying an older home and fixing it up. He worked with his dad and his brother, so he knew how to do carpentry and finish work. There was a house he had his eye on for years. He could see himself living in it with Robin. In fact, he could see himself being Robin’s husband; being with her for the rest of his life. His daughter, Olivia, loved her. What wasn’t to love? She was amazing!

2866347560_d741c03dcaNo one ever seemed to want Pikeview Manor. It was in a gorgeous part of the county on a piece of land that suited Matthew. Up a long lane set against a wooded area and a large field, he knew he was destined to buy it. So, he started researching it and found out who the owner was. He made an offer and it was accepted. He secured the home before he even proposed to Robin. He had faith she would say “yes.” And she did.

Months of renovation and they finally moved in. Matthew felt like his life could finally start, but he had no idea that every ounce of who he though he was would be tested by strange phenomenon surrounding the house. He didn’t dream that he’d married a spiritualist either. He figured that he and Robin were on the same page with their beliefs, but he quickly found out he was wrong. Matthew had to decide what he truly believed and had to be strong for Robin. He had to dig deep to even find his faith and he had to try to wrap his head around things that were truly out of this world. Matthew never dreamed that the house would hold such a dark past and that those shadows would burst forth into the present, nearly killing his wife and tearing their marriage to pieces.


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