Teaser Tuesday

11039514_10153108166348959_639178523_o (2)Finally, Olivia saw the spirit of the girl. The poor girl crouched in the corner, cowering in fear. She wore a pair of blue pants, sneakers, and a matching blue polo shirt with some sort of monogram on the left part of the shirt. She also had a ball cap on. Emma was nowhere to be seen, which Olivia found odd.

Olivia’s eyes met the victim’s terrified gaze. Telepathically, she told the girl, “I’m here to help you, but there are some things I have to do first. Don’t be afraid.”

Lauren’s expression changed and her head quickly jerked as she looked at Olivia.

The girl spoke, “Where am I? What happened to me?”

Olivia communicated again, but this time the communication was jumbled with another voice.

“I can’t hear both of you,” the girl said.

Olivia turned to Lauren. She too stared at the corner where the girl stood. Their mouths dropped open, the realization becoming clear to both of them.

She briskly walked to Lauren. “You can see her,” Olivia said quietly.

Lauren’s eyes turned to her in disbelief. “I can, yes. Can you?”

“Yes. I can hear your voice when you talk to her, too,” she explained.


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