Teaser Tuesday #IARTG

Abstract backgroundAfter some much-needed intimacy, Robin rested in Matt’s arms. It was quiet in the house as she fell asleep. All at once, she awoke to the feeling of being choked. She couldn’t breathe or speak. When she opened her eyes she couldn’t see anything either. Her eyes watered tainting her vision. Then she saw it; a black mist hovering over her body. Instantly, she knew.

Her eyes continued watering as she felt her heart racing. Frantically, her eyes moved about the room as the figure dissipated. Still, she choked and continued to be immobilized. She saw the dark figure standing in the corner watching as she suffocated to death. Finally, relief swept over her and she sat up in bed screaming.

She felt Matt’s body jerk beside her as she saw the light from his lamp on the nightstand come on. His arms felt like a safety net around her. Still panting, she couldn’t say anything.

“What’s going on?”

The anguished sobs came with the coughing as she dropped into his chest. “It tried to kill me,” she cried.

“I’m right here,” he assured her.

“I couldn’t breathe. It was choking the life out of me.”

“It was a dream.”

“No,” she said as she shook her head, “it wasn’t.”

Exhausted, she flopped back onto her pillow with Matt looking down at her. Horror covered his face.

“Oh my God,” he said softly. Gently he touched her neck. “How did you do that?” he asked.

She got up and rushed to the bathroom. Flipping on the light, she looked at herself and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Bright red marks covered her neck. It looked like rope burn, but there were several scratches, too.

“I didn’t do that,” she said quietly.

Matt walked in behind her.

“Are you alright?” he asked, concern in his voice.

“Matt, I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”

She walked back into the bedroom and sat down on the mattress.

“I am strong, but I can’t physically fight this thing.”

“We’ll be alright Robin. I promise. We’re going to be okay.”


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