“Do you see the light?”

That famous question from The Blues Brothers means a lot more today than it did a couple of days ago. I have discovered something incredible! Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about anorexia and BDD? I told you how horrible I felt about myself? Well, folks, I have found something that has helped me tremendously.

I have been hearing the buzz about THRIVE for a few months now; people posting on Facebook about it and showing before and after photos of themselves. I thought, “What the heck is this stuff?” People were smiling and losing weight and maintaining weight and feeling good and talking about how their chronic health issues were being impacted by this product. So, on September 11th I decided to talk to someone about the product.

I was born a skeptic. You have to show me that it’s going to work, which is why I paid close attention to the photos going up on Facebook about this product. When I went to the weight loss clinic back in 2010, I read reviews and testimonials. There was no doubt that program helped me lose weight. Keeping it off has been the #1 struggle, but for the most part I have. The issue that I wasn’t so great at is feeling good about myself, as you could well see from my post a few weeks ago.

c82a6c9ea4faaab3de86a5a642406c83I spoke to a THRIVE promoter and honestly, I thought, “This can’t be that great.” I use supplements. I believe in minerals and vitamins. I believe in the power they bring to the body. I know that a large percentage of folks aren’t getting what they need from foods, so they use supplements to boost their missing links. My question was, “How is THRIVE different from what I already take?” I found the answer to that question on Friday the 18th.

I am on Day 2 of this experience and OH MY GOD! I feel like a new person. I am admittedly fighting off a sinus infection, so I have a headache, so I can’t image what the impact of THRIVE will be once I’ve gotten rid of this stupid head-junk.

Let me tell you how simple this stuff is. It is three simple steps, all in the morning: two capsules, a shake, and a patch. That’s it. Really! That’s all. No more hand-full of pills in the morning and afternoon and evening. Three steps. Yesterday I felt alive and I could think.

I was worried about how this product would affect my diabetes. My sugars are normal! The shake is diabetic-friendly. The capsules don’t give you that “high” feeling and the patch helps you wake the hell up! Really! Like you are firing on all four, six, or eight cylinders, whichever metaphor you prefer.
As I said, I am dealing with sinus junk. The moment the capsule hits my blood stream, my symptoms diminish. No headache. No stopped up nose. No cloudy feeling. It’s all gone. This product is packed with all-natural ingredients meant to help you.

12038296_921673407905852_5977551393149170196_nI injured my left leg in 2008. It’s not been right since. As a result, my hip hurts and I just started physical therapy. I even used to feel like I was holding fluid in my leg. NO MORE. The tightness of water weight disappeared as of yesterday. Testimonials have indicated that it helps people with chronic issues.
I’m not a doctor. I’m not going to tell you it’s a cure. What I am is a customer and I can assure you that I have never experienced anything like this product… EVER!

I was up before 8 a.m. this morning, which is something I DO NOT do. I don’t talk in the mornings because it takes forever for my brain to start working. I am a grump, to be frank. Today, I was smiling, talking, and happy. My mood, in just forty-eight hours, has changed. I am calmer and less moody.

If you are interested in learning more about THRIVE, please look me up. I am not a promoter, but what I am is a believer. I’m also not a pitcher. If I don’t believe in something or it doesn’t work, I don’t share. When my publishing situation changed, I shared. When things in my life change, I share. I don’t back up product I can’t get behind. Anyone who has followed me on this blog since day 1 knows that.

There is a huge promo going on right now and it’s good until midnight. Even if you don’t take advantage of the promo, you can still look into the product; listen to the testimonials and read the reviews. They aren’t lying. I had a diabetic-friendly frosty this morning and it was packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein. Two hours later, my sugar reading was only 102! It’s possible. So, to answer the question I posed at the beginning of this blog: “Yes! I see the light!”

Message me via Facebook or my email to learn more if you want.  Have a terrific Saturday!


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