Thanks so much Chris! I have posted this on my blog a long time ago, but with the spooky season of Halloween coming up, I wanted to reblog it from Chris’s post.

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There is much debate about shadow people. I also did an episode on YouTube explaining my personal views of this subject, but I backed it with research.

So what are shadow people anyway? According to some they are shadow ghosts. They have their roots in folklore and paranormal popular culture. The differential diagnosis for the appearance of shadow people is sleep paralysis, illusions, hallucination, drug use, and sleep deprivation. So what if you see a shadow person and you do not have any of these issues? Then you have probably actually seen a shadow person.

Shadow people have been described as violent, supernatural creatures, often of a menacing nature. However, there is no scientific, statistical study that proves this. Author Chad Stambaughclaims to have actually recorded footage of shadow people.

In addition to be a threatening force, they are also often described as a fleeting shape…

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