Work In Progress Wednesday: Jyson Aeby

jysonJyson Aeby grew up as the sole heir to the throne of Kacon.Β  A young and handsome king, he took his crown at age fourteen after the untimely death of his father. His mother, the queen, soon followed, leaving Jyson in the capable hands of his Nanny, Leena.

Jyson had to learn how to rule from a young adviser, Shafong Hachel. Although he was sworn to be king, and truly had the heart of a ruler, he also had an intense drawing to become a mighty warrior. He often left his throne and the safety of his castle to serve next to the generals that commanded the Kaconian army. This brought him to his best and most trusted friend, Edward Eir. Soon, he appointed Edward to be his bodyguard, completely confident of his loyalty to the crown.

With only his faith and the advice of Shafong, Jyson sometimes felt very lost trying to rule the large kingdom. He wished he would have listened more to his father and observed him more during meetings. Instead, he was too concerned with physical training and he had a thirst for knowledge that couldn’t be contained. It led him to study many religions and cultures of other kingdoms. He always found more questions than answers, nonetheless. He felt, ultimately, that by educating himself he would, one day, be able to rule wisely and with knowledge needed for fair and honorable decisions.

During Jyson’s reign, the kingdom engaged in many bloody wars to maintain their territory and to keep their allied city of Tonkipe safe. Jyson’s prayer was for peace, but his pleas to the God seemed to go unheeded. In fact, times got so precarious, that he was meeting with the Queen of Tonkipe almost on a weekly basis. The four-hour journey to and from Tonkipe gave him time to converse with Edward and Shafong. So, he found, that there was always a bright side even when he was surrounded by darkness.

With all of the chaos of continuous war, Jyson never really had time to choose a queen. In fact, it was the last thing on his mind. Nevertheless, Queen Rilish of Tonkipe was stunningly beautiful and extraordinarily smart. Much of their time was spent discussing strategy and how to maintain the sanctity of both of their kingdoms. Still, there was always time to walk in the garden and talk about lighter things. In fact, he found himself very taken with Rilish. Little did he know, his best friend and bodyguard felt the same way about her.

jyson2Because Jyson was terrible with emotional issues, he kept his feelings to himself. Edward, on the other hand, was much more outgoing and less shy when it came to pursuing the Queen. In fact, his loyalty to his friend caused him to step back so that Edward to could move forward. That he did. Edward and Rilish quickly fell in love and Jyson gave his blessing as he stood beside them at their wedding. Jyson’s hope that he could marry her, joining their two kingdoms, was dashed, but he was a gentleman and he was glad to see Edward so content. In fact, he reassigned Edward to the Queen instead of requiring that Edward keep his post as Jyson’s bodyguard.

War after war and battle after battle, the men of Kacon and Tonkipe grew weary. Their numbers were diminishing. Edward, loyal to the house of Aeby, took his place in battle against the wishes of Rilish and Jyson. Unfortunately, Edward was killed and what was worse is that Jyson was given the burden of taking the news to Rilish. His heart torn in two, he delivered the list of dead to Rilish. He watched as she fell to her knees, sobbing in agony as she realized the father of their unborn child was gone and she would never see him again.

Seeing the Queen grief-stricken, Jyson agreed to negotiate a truce with the kingdoms that continued warring against them. Part of the truce was that Kacon would share their food supply with the countries surrounding Kacon. Kacon would absorb the kingdoms, but they would be able to keep their rulers. Jyson had no desire to govern any kingdom but his own. This seemed to satisfy the rulers of the surrounding cities.

coverJyson was awakened in the middle of the night by Shafong. A servant of Rilish brought a message to the king for him to come to Tonkipe straight away. Rilish had fallen ill suddenly. Jyson’s love for her, although unspoken and kept secret, drew him to Castle Tonkipe. When he saw his beloved, he couldn’t believe her condition. She had deteriorated and resting in a wooden cradle beside her was an infant. He had been so busy with the truce and setting up the regulations that he had lost contact with Rilish somewhat.

As he held her frail hand, Jyson was sworn to take the infant girl and raise her has his very own. He was unsure of how to even try to be a father, but he couldn’t deny Rilish her dying wish and after all, this child was his best friend’s offspring as well. Once Rilish passed and was buried, he returned to Kacon with the girl child, Ziltra. With the help of Nanny, Shafong, and Shafon’s wife, he was able to rear the little girl into the proper princess. He had no idea that another uprising would force him to sacrifice her in the worst possible way.


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