Teaser Tuesday #IARTG

Abstract background“Just as I suspected, your ankle is twisted. Your blood work is perfect,” he said pointing at the image. “No fractures. I suggest you stay off the ankle for a day and take some pain reliever. Keep it iced and elevated tomorrow and you should be okay by Thursday for sure. You should be running the bases by next week. Drink lots of fluids, too. That helps with the swelling.”

Relief swept over her. “Good. No brakes. I can’t afford to be off work very long.”

“I want you to take tomorrow off, but after that you need to decide whether the pain is tolerable. If it still hurts, don’t go to work. Please. It’s better if you let yourself heal. Work will wait.”

“Can you write me off, Dr. Gregory?”

“That’s no problem. In fact, I’ll probably write you off for the rest of the week. And please, call me Matt.”

She smiled. “Matt.” The words fell from her lips quite naturally.

“I’m going to wrap your ankle in a bandage just to be on the safe side. The less you can move it, the better off you’ll be. You can take this off when you’re sitting, but when you’re up moving around or sleeping, keep it wrapped and put very little weight on it.”

Robin watched him walk to drawer and pull out an ace bandage and walk back to the gurney. He put the bandage on the gurney and then walked to a nearby closet where he pulled out a pair of crutches, propping them against the wall. “These are going to be your best friends for the next week.”

She frowned.

He walked to the end of the gurney and started wrapping her foot with the bandage, his touch tender and careful. He smiled a lot as they made small talk.

stethoscopeWendy walked out to respect their privacy.

He grinned sweetly as he helped Robin stand with the crutches.

“Thanks, doctor… I mean, Matt.”

He smirked. “Listen, you’ll probably think I’m crazy or something, but I was wondering if maybe sometime you’d like to go out for coffee or something.”

“I don’t drink coffee.” Robin said with a vague smile.

“Oh.”  His eyes dropped as the rejection registered.

“But, I could handle a meal sometime,” she said invitingly.

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