Are you an angel? #ImNoAngel

Last week I blogged about anorexia, BDD, and my struggle with both. I happened to see a new ad by Lane Bryant and, I must tell you, I almost shouted with glee when I saw it! I love it! I am so tired of everyone thinking that you must be a stick figure to fall into the category of “attractive.”

I am not advocating for poor health, bad habits, and not taking care of yourself. I am advocating for a change in mindset and a different way of looking at the female form. None of us are the same. The campaigns that promote stick people and skinny-Minnie fashion just aren’t reality, especially for the ladies who have had children and are approaching ages where staying super thin just isn’t feasible.

I wanted to share this interview here on my blog to highlight this issue. It is important. Little girls are growing up thinking that sunken cheeks and visible rib cages are what is expected of them; it’s the “in” thing. Well, we all know that isn’t true, or at least it shouldn’t be. The point is that our collective vision has to change. Men and women, boys and girls, have to see beauty through a different interpretive lens.

When I see news anchors that have some meat on their arms and some curves, it makes me smile. It’s about time that REAL women took center stage because beanpole body types aren’t the true nature of body image. Average sizes (ranges from size 10 to 16) are more reflective of reality.

I applaud Lane Bryant for their work toward that collective vision. Hats off to them! Because #ImNoAngel


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