Regarding WIP Wednesdays & Dreams Coming True

Happy Sunday folks! I am posting to make a brief announcement. Readers seem to like Work in Progress Wednesdays, but I have decided to narrow it down to once a month. The next post will come out in September. The third Wednesday of each month will feature a new character from either a published novel or a novel in progress.

I must tell you something though…

The reason I am spacing these out is because I finally landed my dream job and I will need time to fulfill my new responsibilities. I have been searching for four long years to get a college teaching job. Well, it happened on August 1st and it happened in the most unplanned, extraordinary way.

On Thursday night, July 31st, I got a message on Facebook from my best friend. He moved back up to this neck of the woods on July 30th. He checked in to let me know he’d made it safely. I knew he was putting his application in at the college we’d both received our undergrad degrees from.

Jayme Ronan has always wanted to teach college and is currently working on his doctorate. He told me that the secretary of English/Humanities told him to drop off his application as soon as he got into town. He did so on the 31st and was hired on the spot. He told me that they needed people and recommended that I call the department. I was hesitant given my experiences in the workforce. Honestly, I lacked the confidence to even reach out, but I couldn’t get the possibility out of my mind.

The next morning, still thinking about all of it, I called the secretary and left a message not anticipating that I would ever hear back from her. In fact, I didn’t really care either way. I went on with my daily routine; did my 3 mile walk/run, came back home, and got cleaned up. My phone rang at around 11 a.m. It was the secretary and she immediately patched me through to the professor in charge of hiring. I was asked if I could come down that day for an interview. I thought, “What?” I agreed to go to the interview.

As I spoke to the two interviewers, I brought up my books occasionally because, quite honestly, I thought, “I’m an author. If you can’t accept that, then I don’t need to be here.” Post April 2014, anytime I interviewed for a job, I tried to hide the fact that I write books. Being an author had drummed up so much controversy in my previous political job that I felt it was best not to share that about myself. This time, I didn’t care. My feeling was the employer would either accept it or not. I made the decision that I wasn’t going to change who I was to suit anyone’s private agenda.

One of the administrators knew who I was just from a review that one of her students had written about one of my books. She even commented about how excited the student was to finally meet me during the Spring Author Expo at the local library. So, it occurred to me that despite the fact that I was an author, these women were open to talking to me and quite interested in my work as a writer. In fact, I realized that these women, the one professor in particular, invited me to come down for an interview BECAUSE of my books.

I was hired on the spot. When I walked out of the interview my best friend was standing talking to the secretary. The smile on his face was priceless.Β It is a feeling I will never forget. I think I had wings on my feet because I know I was walking on air.

I was sent to HR to fill out my paperwork. In the elevator, Jayme and I hugged each other and I don’t think you could have chiseled the smiles from our faces. I was still in shock. Both of us were. We remarked that we simply couldn’t believe it was finally happening and better yet, that we would be experiencing this together; best friends since the second grade and now we were back together again.

Time and time again we had talked about teaching college and dreamed about being able to do so together. Finally, here we were embracing our dreams hand in hand. It was more than either of us could have hoped for. In fact, I couldn’t totally wrap my head around it. I kept thinking it wasn’t going to work out, but when I got the call to come and get my text books, I knew it was a done deal.

Although there has been some switching around, I finally have my class assignment. I will be teaching an argumentative composition class in the fall. I also learned that my son’s principalΒ is also teaching at the college. So, not only is my best friend in on the deal, but the administrator of my son’s school is, too. It is almost too hard to believe. All three of us will be making this first year journey together.

isDon’t doubt that when things fall into place, they fall fast. Sometimes it takes a great deal of patience and time leading up to that point, but when the time is right it feels like things happen in a matter of seconds. All of the tears I’ve cried. All of the nights I have been awake wondering how things would turn out. All of the heartbreak I went through in 2014. I could go on and on, but the sun finally started shining and it has been getting progressively brighter. Who would have thought that I would be where I am right now? Certainly not me. The fact that I’m and author and have published three books helped get me the job. I also have to give credit to the Higher Power that guides my life. I took a shot and listened to that guiding voice before I made the phone call. Even though that familiar whisper said, “You’ve got this,” I couldn’t quite believe it. It was my own doubt that held me back, but I was held back for a reason. This was the reason. This job was the reason.

Always be proud of who you are and, most of all, your accomplishments. Don’t hide them in the shadows. There’s a difference between being boastful and proud. Take time to thank your guiding force and give credit where it’s due. That DREAM BIG concept really does work. Dare to do it and will might be surprised what will happen.


6 responses to “Regarding WIP Wednesdays & Dreams Coming True

  1. Hi Tracee,
    Congratulations! I am extremely happy for you. I have known you since our days in Writer’s Gateway or it could have been Pen and Paperworld on Linked In. You Go Girl!
    All the best.
    Pat Garcia

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