AUTHORSdB: The Database For Authors

dbDid you know that there is a data base for authors? It is absolutely extraordinary. I joined when I became an author, but I didn’t realize all of the awesome things available on the site!

There are a vast array of tools and they even have featured blogs. They showcase authors and books as well. Additionally, they have a cover contest which I’ve been involved with two years in a row.

The other great thing is the customer service! I encountered some problems last night on the site and was responded to immediately. It was shocked, to be honest, at the quick response. It was also a little comforting knowing that they are attentive to their authors and members.

So, if you haven’t checked them out, take a moment and do so. It is a great place to find your friends and to see what’s new.


Here’s how to connect with me on that site:Β

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