Work In Progress Wednesday: Likra Steyak #IARTG

LikraThe Kacons of Darkness

Likra Steyak is the daughter of General Nathan and Giltra Steyak. She has always known life in Kacon. Growing up there, she and her sister were raised in the Holy Church of the Creator God and watched their father rise in rank in the royal army. By the time Likra was five her father was a General and on the council to the King.

Each week a council meeting was held in the castle. Because her father was required to be present, Likra begged to go with him. She felt an intense bond with her father and separation plagued her in his absence. Sometimes, she was inconsolable when he was away. So, Nathan sought council with King Jyson who gladly approved Likra’s presence during the gathering. Likra, Ziltra, and Nevin played on the hard, stone floor as the council members discussed business and the welfare of the kingdom. Naturally, a life long bond of friendship formed between the three of them.

Likra was stubborn, yet courageous. She always kept a level head. When Ziltra was off in the clouds, she managed to speak reason and pull her dearest friend back to reality. She was often the voice of reason.

likra and noctHours and hours were spent in the West Woods playing and pretending with her friends. When she grew older, Jyson gave her a position at the school teaching arithmetic. She was brilliant with numbers and strategies, surely inherited from her father. She was able to present her lessons to the children in an easily understood manner. The children, in fact, loved her.

Her world was jolted when she learned that Ziltra would be used as a sacrificial lamb to ensure continued peace in Kacon. Her friend was to marry the Prince Hoje of Buscom to solidify an alliance between the two cities. She watched her friend fall into despair, but spoke comfort to her. Likra found herself acting as a messenger of sorts at times. However, she didn’t mind. She would do whatever the Princess requested. She couldn’t believe the King had placed Ziltra in such a position, but she spoke wisdom to her friend when it was warranted. But, then she saw Ziltra withdrawal and waste away in a sense. Nevin had been taken from both of them as he began training to be the adviser to Ziltra.

coverLikra was soon introduced to Noct Brion. He was the brother to Ziltra’s bodyguard and a high ranking officer in the royal army. They formed a fast friendship and soon romantic feelings emerged. They eventually agreed that once the princess was settled and married, they too would marry. However, their plan was wrought with heartbreak. When Noct was ordered by Ziltra to secure her homeland of Tonkipe, he was sent on a journey and never returned. Hardened by this, it almost destroyed the friendship Likra shared with Ziltra. But, it was Nevin who spoke of reason and employed her in a larger purpose, one  she never even imagined was possible.



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