OUTRAGE: The animal activist is hereby released!

I am not famous. I know that I am not followed by millions of people. I know that the likelihood of anyone even caring about this blog post is remote, but I am writing it anyway. I am outraged and sickened by this latest crime against an endangered species. I am not a hunter. I do not agree with hunting. In fact, I vehemently disagree with it. I think it is a legalized form of violence; a way for women and/or men to prove to the world that they are the biggest and baddest wankers that ever walked the planet. So, if you are a hunter, don’t read any further, and personally I could care less whether I offended you or not! I get tired of seeing your posts with deer heads and bear heads and other animals you’ve slaughtered. I have friends who are hunters. It is one of those things I chose to look beyond in order to be friends. I try to put it out of my mind because not everyone has to agree with one another. There are certain situations that warrant individuals to agree to disagree. However, I am perfectly allowed to speak out against these sorts of things.

UntitledDr. Walter James Palmer is a coward. To do something so ghastly and not to be held accountable for this travesty simply makes me sick to my stomach. He needs to be fined or to be held responsible for his actions in some form or fashion (But will he? Of course not!)

I don’t care what anyone says, animals feel and they think and they remember and they are creatures that the Creator put upon this planet to beautify our world. They were not put here to suffer and be abused and to be hunted and killed for sport! They are precious and keep a balance going in nature. They weren’t put on the planet to be victimized any more than  children were placed on this earth to have their aborted body parts harvested. I understand that certain circumstances call for drastic decisions, but there is no reason why babies bodies should be given to “science” in the name of blessed research. And frankly, I am watching the world I am living in crumble before my very eyes. It makes me sad, angry, violent, want to scream obscenities to the top of my voice, and absolutely ill to see all of the things that have transpired recently. WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH????

If I could boycott this vomitous mass of a human being, referring to Palmer now, and I use the words “human being” in the loosest way possible, I would. What he did was the most inhumane act of cruelty, to lure an animal away just for mere sport. Dr. Palmer, you need to be set free in a dark forest and hunted. What’s more is that the folks who helped you carry this out need to saddled up right beside you. YOU MAKE ME SICK! ALL OF IT MAKES ME SICK! Horse whipped, hanged, humiliated. Something!

You think that because an animal isn’t a person, they don’t think. That their cognitive abilities are lesser than yours. You think that because they are not able to speak, that they cannot feel. WRONG! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!

Do I have the answers. Oh my God, I wish I did! The only thing I can do is stand by and watch, but I DO NOT HAVE TO BE QUIET! I am not wealthy, otherwise I could get laws passed against this sort of thing. I would have every politician in my back pocket. Unfortunately, I don’t hold that kind of power. The only thing I can do is pray for some kind of justice to be served upon this man and his little band of followers. I sincerely hope he loses his practice once this situations goes viral, which I believe it already has.

All we have left are these animals. The rest have been tracked down and killed to extinction. I can hardly stomach the zoo to be quite honest. I love taking my son to the zoo because I absolutely love the animals we see when we are there. I learn so much about them. I also understand that it is good that these animals have been saved from being killed, but they are in captivity BECAUSE their natural environment has people like Dr. Palmer running wild. The zoos are trying to save what we have left, in a sense.

The earth is richer for all of the animals and creepy-crawlies we have. The oceans are filled with beautiful animals that get hunted everyday for sport and to fatten our tummies, exported to us and other countries. All I see anymore is inhumane treatment of animals. Everywhere I look. It is all over Facebook and social media. I know we have to eat. Meat is a part of my diet. However, lion meat or rhino meat or elephant meat isn’t. I don’t have anything ivory in this house and never will!

For God’s sake! What would happen if we harvested humans the way we do animals. OH WAIT! Planned Parenthood is taking care of that!

I am not going to apologize for my outrage either. I’m tired and fed up. I am sick of the hate and the division. We take off innocent television programs, but manage to let scum like Dr. Palmer do whatever he pleases. There is something wrong with this picture people!

I had a conversation the other day. I realized quickly that it is a good thing I do not rule the world. I would be like Darth Vader, I’m afraid. The words in George Lucas’s second installment of Star Wars echoes in my head. When Anikin Skywalker tells Padme’ that we should have a government where the officials come together and discuss the problem. Then he says that he would make them see reason. That would be me. It would not be a negotiable forum. I know, I know. It makes me sound crazy.

I was told recently to stop posting things like this. Here’s the truth: THIS IS ME! I am passionate about things like this. I am passionate about life and protecting things that deserve protecting and preserving things that need preservation! I am an advocate for living things that cannot defend themselves. I always have been and I always will be. If that doesn’t bring traffic to my books and my publishing business, then so be it! I would rather be remembered for standing up for what I believe in!



13 responses to “OUTRAGE: The animal activist is hereby released!

  1. We are allowed to speak our thoughts. This is what makes us different from each other. How will things change if we don’t speak our minds. Tonight on the news they said that the lion had cubs. It’s the job of the male lion to ensure that the cubs grow up. If the male dies, a new male comes in and kills the cubs so that the female will breed his cubs. What do you think a human would do if that started to happen in our society?


  2. Don’t ever stop expressing yourself as you want to. I feel exactly like you do about this situation. Besides the lion, palmer won some bow and arrow hunter award for killing, a polar bear, leopard, rhino, wolf, and much more. He shots large animals with arrows so they don’t die, It took Cecil 40 hours for him to find and shoot. What will he do next? Shoot a snow leopard? How about a black rhino Dr. Death?

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