Teaser Tuesday #IARTG

Haunted CastleNick’s condescension offended her. “So you’re another know-it-all agent, I see. Just so you know it’s because of agents like you that I want nothing to do with the FBI on a full time basis. You couldn’t pay me enough. A flock of arrogant asses,” she said sharply. “Agent Bennette,” she continued, “I don’t use conjecture. My job is to take factual information and formulate possibilities. It’s a rare method, but I use statistical profiling to compile information about the offender. Many of my predecessors used intuition-based profiling and I suppose in reality, much of profiling uses intuition, but I prefer a more scientifically proven method.”

“Hey listen, Doc, don’t get mad,” he protested as he stood looking down at her. She stood instinctively to even the playing field. “And we’re not all asses,” he continued, pointing at her. “As far as your ‘methods,’ I just think crimes are solved by good old fashioned police work, not this mumbo jumbo you behavioralists come up with.”

“I really don’t have time to debate this with you,” she finished, “so if you don’t mind, I have a profile to present.”

Lauren walked out of the room and into the area where the web cam waited. Detective Mullins and six other officers sat in an adjacent conference room. Nick followed her in and sat beside the detective.

Lisa and Chris walked in from an outside door. Lauren watched as Lisa saw the empty seat beside Nick and then sat down. She leaned over to Nick conspicuously. Trying hard not to listen, Lauren continued setting up, but she couldn’t help overhearing.

“So, how have you been, Nick?” Lisa asked in a low and salutary voice.

“Good. Trying to get used to this job I guess,” he answered indifferently, “and trying to figure out how to work with you people.”

Brennan-Booth-bones-4657576-1280-960“Oh, don’t be so bitter, Nick. I’m sure the pay raise has been enough compensation for working with ‘us people.’”

He glared over at her, but then softened. “What can you tell me about Dr. Harris? She seems sort of uptight.”

“Lauren is very professional. She is extremely well respected. She knows her stuff, Nick. She is always very prepared. Nothing takes her by surprise. She knows what she’s doing. She’s brilliant, too, but she does have some difficulty socially, which is ironic, since she’s a psychologist. Her entire field of study is human behavior, but yet a social situation sometimes makes her uneasy. She’s come a long way though. You should have seen her when she started. She struggled, but like she does with everything, she made it her mission to master her insecurities and she’s worked hard on the way people perceive her.”

“So she used to be even worse than she is now?”


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