A Fan What?

I proposed an idea earlier this week and got a pretty positive response. I was toying with the notion of starting a fan club for my work and a good friend of mine brought up a valid point. He is also an author and worried that beginning a fan club would seem vain. So, I wanted to clarify why I am going to start mine.

The purpose is to encourage interacting, discussion, and of course, PRIZES! However, each member will need to try to pitch in by sharing at least one or two posts a week. So, I’ll be giving away prizes at least once a week, especially a participation award. When Halloween get’s here, I’ll do a virtual costume party and I will try to get other authors involved in that.

If that sounds like something of interest, please let me know. I crave comments and opinions because it helps me steer this crazy car that is my life as an author.


7 responses to “A Fan What?

  1. Being an author, especially an independent author, is a rewarding but incredibly frustrating existence isn’t it? I am interested in this because it is something I considered doing in the past. I hope this is something successful for you. Good luck!

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  2. Sounds like a great Idea! I’m glad I found you through a couple of other people. Your books sound very exciting I can’t wait to grab them and dig in!

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