Work In Progress Wednesday: Ziltra Aeby #IARTG

young ziltraToday I’d like to introduce you to the very brave and courageous main character in my WIP, The Kacons of Darkness, Ziltra Aeby. Princess Ziltra is the daughter of Queen Rilish Rewal of Tonkipe and a Kaconian soldier, Edward Eir. She is the only daughter of that blood line. Ziltra’s father died in battle before she was born and her mother, grief stricken, fell ill soon after Ziltra was born. The queen called upon Jyson Aeby, the King of Kacon and Edward’s dearest friend. Upon her death bed, she made Jyson promise to take Ziltra and raise her in Kacon as the to-be Queen of Tonkipe and the Princess of Kacon. This would ensure that the two kingdoms remained allies. Jyson swore this to be done, but he also promised to tell Ziltra of her heritage and keep an open line of communication with her only living relatives, Hachel and Koree Rewal, the Duke and Duchess of Tonkipe.

Ziltra was educated and became close friends with Nevin Venble, son of Shafong, the adviser to the King, and Natia, chief seamstress in the castle. Ziltra also was raised up with the general’s eldest daughter, Likra Steyak. Ziltra’s main caregiver during childhood was Leena, her beloved Nanny.

As a tiny girl, Ziltra fell in love with the sanctity of the West Woods, so Jyson restricted the woods for Ziltra only; no hunting or trespassing. She spent hours in the forest pretending and dreaming. A place for just her and her friends, they played games and talked of their plans.

ZiltraAt a very young age, Jyson shared with Ziltra, the legacy of her mother and father, so she grew up knowing she was adopted. This did not bother her. In fact, it added to her gratefulness. By the age of fourteen she was teaching at the local school, instilling creative thinking, reading skills, and writing skills into the minds of the Kaconian youth. Nevin and Likra taught by her side, focusing on writing and arithmetic lessons.

Her life was carefree and blessed. Still, even with a silver spoon, she was kind, compassionate, and served as a beacon of hope to the Kaconian people as well as to all of the citizens of Tonkipe. She was respected among her people. She spent Sundays in the orphanage reading to the children and playing with them. Her heart was full of love and she had no problem sharing it with others.

Ziltra was a vision of beauty with skin as white as snow and dark hair like her mother. Her eyes were as green as the trees in the West Woods. At age seventeen, her world changed. She was assigned a bodyguard due to an uprising in the neighboring kingdom of Buscom. Jyson and his council were engaged in intense negotiations with Buscom’s prince, Hoje, to maintain a three year peace. Land was offered up to ward off an attack, but the land was not good enough for the ambitious queen, Osatam.

Silwan Brion was by Ziltra’s side day and night. Although it wasn’t customary for a bodyguard to be assigned until the age of eighteen, Jyson felt that it would be best for her to have a companion while Nevin was in training to be her adviser. And the unrest made it impossible for Jyson to wait to assign such a charge.

coverThe young princess’s life twisted when she was offered up as the sacrificial lamb to maintain peace throughout her homeland, Kacon, and Buscom. She was betrothed to marry the much older prince of Buscom. Feeling betrayed, she found her only comfort in the arms of her bodyguard. Her relationship with her adopted father in shambles, she proceeded with the treaty and married the prince. Her destiny was far beyond her understanding as she was eventually banished from her home and sought refuge in the mountains. But, life wasn’t quite over for her yet. She served a much greater purpose, blessed by the God of the Sun and the Creator God. She would have to fight for what was rightfully hers and fulfill the prophecies of old to ensure that she would always wear the crown for Kacon and Tonkipe.


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