Sunday Share: No Waiting! #IARTG


Welcome to the second Sunday of Blessing Share Sunday. Today, I want to talk about my inability to be patient. Doesn’t sound like much of a blessing does it? However, when you have written a book and you are trying to get it out to readers, you don’t want to wait eighteen months to do that. As an indie, I don’t have to wait that long. Once I’m finished with a book, I simply contact my indie editor, and indie formatting guru and cover designer and POOF! The work starts. There is no waiting in cue for a year. Although it typically does take about three to six months, depending on the work load of my providers, it is a far cry from waiting up to a year and a half.

I am thankful that I don’t have to wonder what is going on behind the curtain. Because I am independent, I know everything that is happening with my books from start to finish. I don’t have to worry about whether or not the provider is actually doing their job.

Ozwind Publishing also stands by the rights of indie authors. That’s what they thrive in: communication and professionalism. I am proud to be a part of who they are and all they wish to become. Most of all, I am proud that they are indie, just like me!


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