Enter, the beast

If you love animals, you know that there is much more that goes on with them then what can be seen on the surface. I saw a video yesterday that had me in tears, not because it was sad, but because I was touched by its beauty. I did some research and found the video below on YouTube. I got out the tissues again as I watched it.

We underestimate the power of love in all its glory. Love has a way of breaking boundaries and tearing down walls. This video is proof of that. On a human level, this also applies. Everyone has the right to love and be loved. That is what makes it so powerful. When you put limits on that power, you are missing the entire purpose of its splendor.

Case in point, who would have guessed a beast would have connected so deeply with humans that even when returned to the wild, it still held fond memories of its time spent with its human companions? Animals are tremendously loyal and their memories are far greater than we could possibly understand. We have them for such a short time, especially those that have naturally short life spans (i.e., domesticated dogs and cats). It’s up to us to appreciate the joy they bring us, even the wild animals.

There is a perfect natural balance to life and animals play a large part in it. When we take away a species by man-made means, we are desecrating the natural order. Natural selection is different. Those are circumstances far beyond our control. What we can control is needless abuse and killing of animals. Each and every species has a meaning to our world. It’s time we started recognizing that, instead of hunting these amazing creatures to the ends of the earth. Enter… the beast, but who is the real beast? That’s a question worth answering.



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