Dirty Laundry?

Social media has become the go-to arena for airing dirty laundry. That also includes blogs apparently. But, there is a distinct difference between airing and telling the truth. It seems to only become airing when someone is not happy about what is being said.

The last time I looked, freedom of speech is still applicable for those of us living in America. So, when I announce something it is exercising my freedom. If it happens to be about a situation that has been caused by someone else or circumstances that have directly impacted me, then so be it. It appears that people get their panties in a bunch when their true colors are revealed. They would rather stay hidden behind that mask of deception. Common sense I guess.

As long as I write, I will bring awareness to various situations. The fact is that I have been stolen from, belittled among peers, and some of the things I have spoken about on my blog have been called “tasteless.” Luckily I have documents that I could easily post on this blog and those documents fall into the tasteless category. Actually, they would reveal the treachery of various individuals, but that is the difference between free speech and dirty laundry. Because I don’t believe in smear campaigns I won’t make those documents public. However, by telling others how horrible I am you are only giving people insight to YOUR issues. It appears that I am not the one with a lack of integrity and you actually show people who YOU really are when you degrade someone else. And if they are talking about me negatively then imagine what they will say about you!

If you think the blog is impolite then don’t read it. Stop following me. People need to do their job and own their mistakes. I have. When someone doesn’t do right by me, I won’t hush up. Truth is truth and that is what you will get from me!

This post today is simply some food for thought. A matter I have been contemplating for some time. It came about when something just didn’t feel quite right. If you listen to your instincts, you won’t disappointed. There are many, many times I should have listened. Learning the hard way has made me stronger and that is what matters.

Happy Thursday!  Peace out peeps!


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