What You Don’t Know

I have dealt with a lot of controversy involving my books in the BETWEEN WORLDS SERIES. In fact, I have lost employment over them at one point. I have been judged harshly because of them. I have been judged in every way possible. I have been accused of not being a Christian or believing in God because of them. Well, here’s what you don’t know…

In 2003 I became an atheist. I stayed that way until 2012. I wrote those books during that time. During the darkest time of my life, I conceived stories about ghosts and demons and a haunted house and serial killers and a belief system that didn’t fall under conventional Christian beliefs. Stands to reason, doesn’t it? I was lost.

Here something else you don’t know…

11074484_10205659068109837_6927604007353647784_nThose books came out after I came back into the light. I went through with publishing them even though I composed them during one of the most horrible, uncertain times in my life. Here’s why: Those books are a testament to me of what God has done in my life since then. He has changed me and reworked me. I will not pull those books off of the market because they serve as a constant reminder of where I was and where God brought me from. Those books do not tell a story of my personal belief systems. They simply tell a story; a fictional story of a family and characters and an account of what happened to them. THEY ARE FICTION, which means it did not happen.

So, when you get ready to pass judgement on my books and me, remember this… God is the only one who is even allowed to judge me because He knows my entire story from back to front, beginning to the present. So, the fact that I put out three stories of my own serve only as a testimony of what I won’t go back to. I won’t go back to the darkness. I emerged from that period of my life a new creature. We all fall short of the glory of God and it is only by His grace we can even hope to understand all of the things He tries to teach us.

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