Lauren leaned over the lifeless, pale body of the girl wearing only her bra and panties, just like the others. The crusted blood on her fingers allowed Lauren to conclude that the victim tirelessly scratched at the plastic trying to free herself. Smears of blood covered the sides of the coffin as well as the lid. A cigarette lighter lay beside the victim’s hand.

The top of the coffin still lay in place, sealed and air tight. Lauren saw rings around the girl’s wrists, consistent with ligature marks. Sparse bruising covered the body and torture seemed to be a primary element. Nonetheless, the cause of death would be consistent with suffocation.

After the two other victims had been found, Lauren’s team made it a priority to calculate how much air supply existed in the plastic box. They quickly realized that a mere twenty-four hours of oxygen existed for the previous victims.

As she gazed upon the victim, Lauren whispered, “It never ceases to amaze me just how much torment the human body can endure, and how sickening these crimes are. How could anyone do something like this to another person?”

She quietly separated herself and walked around. Calmly, she waited patiently for what she knew came next.


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