The Window to the Rainbow Opens Tomorrow

So, tomorrow is opening day for Ozwind Publishing. This means that the submission window will open at midnight tonight. This also means that you are welcome to submit your work for consideration. I wanted to write this blog post to set straight some misconceptions that people have about publishing.

I have personally journeyed through the self-publishing route to the traditional route and now back to the self publishing route (sort of). The first thing I remember being told when I first started looking for a publisher was this: “You don’t need to pay for your work to be published. If they are good, you shouldn’t have to front any money.” This is absolutely not true. In the world of publishing now, this doesn’t hold any water. The fact is that if you want to keep your rights and your independence in this great big world of publishing, you need to PAY to have your work published. This means you need to front the cost of editing, design, and formatting unless you can do all of this yourself.

Most traditional publishers want you to sign over your rights. Some don’t, but there is a different kind of opportunity cost there. For smaller presses, and some are excellent, you run into issues of integrity and character. Be very careful. Do your research and look at reviews before you start submitting. You may not have to front any money at the beginning, but examine how much of your royalties you will be sacrificing and read the fine print regarding contract termination.

At Ozwind, we will be doing things very differently. We have a rate scale for services we offer, but it is substantially less than market. In fact, to try out the model, I published my own three books (the BETWEEN WORLDS series) through Ozwind once I became independent. Everyone thinks that because I founded the company, that I got everything for free. I didn’t. I paid for formatting and cover design on all three books. I fronted some serious cash for the production of those books and it was worth every penny. There is a price attached to success and I was more than willing to pay it once I regained my creative freedom.

ozwindThat same sort of freedom is what I wanted Ozwind to offer. I wanted the company to be a hub for authors to publish work and still maintain their control. I also wanted them to have marketing at their fingertips and have support during the process of publishing and long after that. I wanted to enlist service providers that would make the magic happen. That is the vision I have. We are not a traditional publisher in that we cannot shoulder the entire cost of having your books published. We are not a vanity press because we do have submission guidelines and criteria we look at before we will offer a contract. I had no idea that there was an actual model for that vision. The hybrid publisher is a new concept, but I think it will be one that will attract authors. It will help lessen the stress of “self-publishing” and be affordable.

The other idea, that people have told me I’m crazy for using, is this: I didn’t want to do rejections. I didn’t want authors to feel that their work wasn’t worthy. I hated that feeling. It made me feel like a failure every time I received a rejection letter. We have an acquisitions department that will evaluate any manuscript we receive. If a book doesn’t fit the guidelines we have set up to offer a contract, it doesn’t mean the author can’t publish their work. It means that we can’t offer an “Ozwind contract.” However, we can and do offer self-publishing services to prepare your book and get it out there. We can also market your book like crazy. This is when I came up with the NO REJECTIONS, JUST DIRECTION slogan.

I believe that everyone’s work has value. I am not saying we can make anyone rich. What I am saying is that the business model Ozwind will operate under is a strength-based plan where we offer support and suggestions in replacement of rejection letters. Our goal is to help people become authors, not discourage them from reaching for the sky, riding their rainbow, and finding that pot of gold at the end.

So, if you are interested in what I’ve said, please visit our website,

We are also on Twitter now as well as Facebook and


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