The Window is Opening: Currently accepting applications for editors

ozwindI have some pretty exciting news! Ozwind Publishing, LLC is opening the submission window as of May 1st. In the spirit of taking things slow, however, we are only keeping it open for three months.

Ozwind will not be a traditional publishing house. We aren’t a vanity press either. The submission guidelines will allow us to accept quality work from individuals wishing to publish. Our mission is to support authors in following their dreams.

We will offer services and publishing options for a fee. We will offer options for those that want to totally self publish. We will also offer options for those that want to come under Ozwind’s umbrella and be published as an Ozwind Author.

So, right now, Ozwind is accepting applications for editors. The editors we want on our team will be innovative and organized. They should have the ability to combine developmental editing with copy editing. They will be paid per job.

The deadline for applications is April 10th. Please send your information to

The website will be updated soon with pricing options, so keep an eye out for that.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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