The Creation of Ozwind Publishing, LLC

Most of you already know that last week I became an “indie” author. In doing so, I decided to do something not only to protect my work, but also to create credibility for the books I write. So, I am forming an LLC. Ozwind Publishing, LLC will be the designated representative for my novels as well as Jayme Ronan’s. We are meeting with the powers that be next week to ensure legal formation of this dream-come-true.
Ozwind banner (2)Ozwind is not a traditional publisher and it is not a vanity press. I’m not saying that it won’t grow into something larger, but right now, I’m starting small and slow. I’ve seen what wild, unbridled growth can do to a company. I’ve seen how it can destroy the personal touch of a business. I do not want to do anything half-way. So, Ozwind will not be accepting submissions for some time. I don’t want to leave a legacy of disorganization and empty promises.

I know that some might feel that the creation of this “business” is a waste, but actually it is quite wise. It is a legal way to protect your property as well as to provide a point of reference to my work. It seems that, locally, people still expect an author to be associated with a publisher. They haven’t made the leap to the indie world nor do they understand the discipline it takes to be an indie. So, in order for me to keep local interest, this needed to happen.

ozwindI want to thank Select-O-Grafix for creating my banner and logo for the website and Facebook page.

So, now, the next thing…

In April, my books we be available. BETWEEN WORLDS will be a trilogy. THE FINE LINE & VOICE OF THE DEAD (formerly known as IDOLUM) will go up immediately for sale in April. THROUGH GLASS DARKLY will go up for pre-order, more than likely. My goal is to schedule at least one local appearance each month starting in May and running up until the end of November.

After BETWEEN WORLDS is finished, I will be working on an anthology of paranormal stories which will hopefully be released in October. KACONS OF DARKNESS will be further down on that list. I’m not sure if it will be a stand alone or the start of a series. But, since I have the freedom of choice now, I don’t feel the pressure of having to make a decision right away.

There you have it! If you would like to learn more about Ozwind, please visit the website and the Facebook page.

Have a wonderful day!


4 responses to “The Creation of Ozwind Publishing, LLC

  1. I am so happy for you Tracee!!! Congratulations! It’s always great to see a Woman taking charge and doing it for herself! Much Success to you! Thank you for being an inspiration!!!


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