A Book Report by Kim Smith

Front Jpeg (2)I want to thank Kim for reading The Fine Line. Here is the report she did about the book.


Local Paranormal Romance

Between World Series

Book I

The Fine Line by Tracee Ford

When I picked up The Fine Line written By Tracee Ford, I could not put it down it was just that good.  Have you ever had a book that you just bought and could not put it down? This book is defiantly one of those books.  The Fine Line is a fictional, paranormal, romance and a horror all in one story.  I thought it was great that the writer Tracee Ford is from Southern Ohio, and the setting of the book takes place in Southwest Ohio.  I bought The Fine Line on a Thursday and had read the 235 pages by Sunday night. I read it from the time I woke up in the morning until I was falling asleep at night with it in my hands.

I walked into Barns and Nobles Bookstore at Shawnee State University to purchase some school supplies.  I am browsing around Barns and Nobles for a good ten minutes to see if I need anything else for school.  I get to the novel books section, thinking to myself “Hey, I need a new book to read!” so I was looking around, and then came upon The Fine Line.   I read the first sentence on the back of the cover “Set in Southwestern Ohio, Dr. Matthew Gregory and Robin Hillard meet, fall passionately in love, marry, and settle into their newly restored historical dream home originally constructed in the 1800’s” and knew right away I wanted this one to read.  I thought I was buying and reading just another romance novel. I love to read romance novels. I just finished The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy; it is also a romance series.  The first few chapters of The Fine Line were like any normal romance novel, boy meets girl, boy asks girl out, fall in love and get married.  The story started to get good when Dr. Matthew and Mrs. Robin Gregory started their lives together in their newly remodeled home with his daughter Olivia. They named their home “Pikeview Manor” it was located in Southwest Ohio. Then their fairytale life became a nightmare.  Unexplainable things started to happen in the historical home.  Not only did the story line test the characters religion but also I felt like it was testing my own beliefs. It talks about spirits, demons, angels, a creator and ‘The Creator”. (Ford 89-90) I got to a point in the book where I almost wanted to stop reading it, under the conclusion of my religious assumptions I was starting to read something that I do not believe in. I had to remind myself it was a fictional novel.  There were parts of the book that was hard to read, because of some events that had happened, but it also had me on the edge of my seat to where I wanted to know what was going to happen next, I had to know what would happen to this family in the end of the story. Therefore, I had finished the book.

Tracee Ford is a local Southern Ohio author. She attended Shawnee State University studying social science and psychology. She then went to University of North Dakota for her master’s degree in forensic psychology.  She has two books out and one coming soon, Idolum, The Fine Line, and Through Glass Darkly.  She says she started to write The Fine Line as a crime novel and then divided it into two different books and that is where her first book Idolum came from.  She was inspired to write The Fine Line about the oldest house in the town that she lived in. The house was across the street from her in Southwest Ohio.  The house in the book is designed exactly the same as the one across from her in Southwest Ohio. Tracee Ford based the main character Robin Hillard with some of her own experiences, but not everything that happened to Robin had happened to her.  Matthew and Olivia Gregory’s characters are make-believe. Tracee Ford says, “Matthew, in my mind, looked like Robert Downer Jr. His attitude wasn’t anything like that of Iron Man, but the appearance was dead on.” (Ford) Olivia was just someone she made up.  The Fine Line is a fictional haunting love story.

The Fine Line by Tracee Ford was a thriller and I could not take my eyes off it.  I have seen scary movies and have read many romance books, but this one kept me on my toes.  I was inspired to read this book for its setting, since it is in Southwest Ohio and I live in Ohio, and then I found out the author Tracee Ford is from Southern Ohio also so I thought that was amazing. I highly recommend The Fine Line, if you like horror romance books. I am looking forward to reading her next book in the series Through Glass Darkly, to come out so I can read that one.

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