Keep Writing!

Castle_falls2Last week I told you a story about a princess and a queen, The Modern Day Witch Hunt. From that blog post, a cloud of inspiration settled upon me! I have started work on another novel. I am stepping out of the genre of paranormal romance, suspense, and crime novels and into the world of medieval fantasy. I am working on two projects at once, as I often find myself doing. It is rare for me to work on one novel at a time. I just can’t seem to do it. So, while I’m writing Between Worlds (book 3): Time Torn Asunder with Jayme Ronan, I’ve started work on The Kacons of Darkness.

As I work on this project, I often wonder if this is how George Lucas felt when he was working on Star Wars. To my knowledge there is no such place as Kacon and there are no such thing as Tonkipians. I am making up unheard of names to cities and people and it feels glorious! I never realized how wonderful the world of fantasy could be. There is fiction, yes, but fantasy is an entirely new world for me. I can certainly see how it could suck a reader in.

The truth is that my anger has spawned the story line for the novel. Before I wrote the blog post last week, I spoke to one of my best friends and admitted to him that I felt passionless and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing. He said something to me that I knew in my heart, but I guess I just needed someone to say it. I needed to write. When I am hurting, I pour myself out in a letter that never gets sent or an email that never gets read. Writing a novel is no different. It has become a channel for me to deal with my inner darkness and rage.

starry-starry-skyAlthough The Kacons of Darkness is in its infancy, it is quickly becoming my pet project. It is an outlet for me. The book, so far, is about the politics of the Kingdom of Kacon.  Ziltra Aeby is raised by King Jyson of Kacon. She hails from a nearby kingdom, Tonkipe, allies to Kacon. Ziltra is orphaned when her mother, the queen of Tonkipe, dies. She is raised as the princess of Kacon, but Jyson plans to set her up as Queen of her homeland and Kacon once she becomes of age. When the king passed away tragically, his throne is taken by an evil queen, Osatam Bromne. Bromne aligns herself with a witch, Carkri Leylist. Together with the corrupt leaders of the Kingdom they bring misery down upon the helpless princess accusing her of heinous things. Banished, she seeks refuge in her home of Tonkipe. The rulers of Kacon nearly crush her until Nevin Eniel, a life long friend and a wizard, steps in to save Princess Ziltra’s future. Nevin also enlists the help of a loyal knight, Sliwan Brion, to help the princess put the pieces of her life back together and to set right what went so very wrong.

I am still anxiously awaiting the last pass of edits for Between Worlds (book 2): Through Glass Darkly, but I have a feeling that it will be the last of the paranormal for me. There will be a little bit of paranormal in book 3, but I can feel myself going into a different direction. The plot of Kacons develops more and more each day and I can see battle scenes in my head and dragons and all sorts of other outlandish things. Truly, it is a world I escape to. When it is finished I hope to feel better, releasing the pent up anger inside my soul. I also hope it enchants my readers and takes them to a new world where knights and dragons still exist.


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