Back from the Dead

So, it’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged. Life threw me more than a few curve balls this year and as the year comes to a close I am happy to say GOOD-BYE to 2014. This year roared in like a lion and is going out like a lamb, thankfully. I have truly missed writing and blogging and tweeting. So, for now, you can say I’m back from the dead. *takes a deep, cleansing breath*



The business side first, then we’ll get to the personal stuff. This month I am selling all of my inventory as a BOGO deal. If you buy one of my books directly from me, you get the second one free. This goes on until the 23rd. So, if you’re interested, please contact me on my website,


1507958_623459714427272_8892267859603343384_nSo I have brought on some new faces. First, my web designer. My website is undergoing a major overhaul all thanks to this guy, Roger Cable. His brilliant mind is being put to the test as he works diligently on reconstructing my web page. So, he is officially a part of the “Tracee Ford” team. I’d like to welcome him and hope you all will do the same.

If you are looking for someone to do an affordable web design and maintenance, he’s your guy. You can learn more about him by visiting my newsletter link.

10849941_623456221094288_6060308575024654254_nI also assigned Krista Cable, a lifelong friend, to be my PR rep. She has been working hard on my YouTube videos.

Krista and I go way back. We went to high school together and over the years we have lost touch and then reconnected and then lost touch again and then finally reconnected. She is more like a sister to me than a friend. So, of course I’m going to let her be my PR person! She’s phenomenal at it. So, I’d like to welcome her aboard this crazy ship, too!


Yes, more business, but I promise there’s personal testimony in this blog, too. Just wait for it…

Did you know that Amazon has changed their system? Well, they have. There are no more “likes.” It’s all about “follows.” The awesome thing is that you can go to my Amazon page and “follow” me. When you do that, you will be notified when my latest novels publish, which will be quite soon. Between Worlds (book 2): Through Glass Darkly is going through its final edits. Soon it will go to formatting and production. So if you want to be in the loop when it comes out, visit this link



After six months, I attended my first author event in November. With me was sister author, Greta King. It was held at the Garnet Wilson Library in Waverly, Ohio. The turn out was a little less than expected, but it was certainly nice to be engaging with other authors again.



As I said, this year has been filled with curve balls. I suppose I could write a book about the love story between my husband and I. It has certainly not been a bowl of cherries, which makes for great reading. We met in 2006. We married (for the first time) in 2012. We have had some major ups and downs, but this year topped them. So, we divorced in January 2014. We stayed together, so to speak, but when I lost my job in April we both sort of checked out. We officially separated in September even though we were basically living under two separate roofs anyway. However, all it took was a busted pipe to wake us up and show us what really mattered.

I was actually seeing someone else, in fact (see, great plot line, right?); going on with life as best I could, I suppose. Then I came home from the movies one Sunday night to a huge puddle on my kitchen floor. The water was running from underneath one of the kitchen cabinets. So, who better to call than my ex-husband? He walked me through turning off the water. That was that. So, the next person I called was the guy I’m seeing because he knows everything about houses and pipes… right? He comes to my house Monday morning to tell me he thinks the leak is in the concrete because I live on a slab. That’s about a $10,000 job.

After feeling like I might have a heart attack, I’m left to my own devices to process this news and wait for a plummer. In my mind it was just the cherry on the crappy ice cream scoop that has been my life since April. But, anyone that knows me also knows that I can’t just sit around and wait. So, I called my ex-husband and told him the diagnosis. I asked him to come to see if he could figure out what was happening behind the walls or under the floor or something like that. And like magic, there he was. I must say it was the best $17.00 I ever spent; that was the cost of the materials to fix a simple leaky pipe. And after fixing my pipe and my day, he won the day. And here we are.

11076_10204702049104960_1116612701942167875_n20141121_144840-1 (2)2014120695153035We married again on November 21st. This year has certainly changed us and, believe it or not, for the better. I’m sure followers on Facebook are sick of seeing our smiling faces, but after the year we’ve had that’s just too bad. Things have been rough for a very long time and the crescendo that was 2014 pushed us over the edge. But, somehow, as we fell off the side of the mountain, one of us, or even both of us, threw up a life line catching some solid piece of our relationship we thought had disappeared. I’m saying all of this because sometimes “over” doesn’t really mean “over.” Sometimes it just means we need to step away from the situation or the person to be taught what matters or who matters. It also may take walking away from something or someone to realize how we can put the crumbled, broken pieces back together again.

Our wedding was simple. My son was the best man. My best friend, Krista, was the matron of honor. Roger was the camera man. And my mother was a witness. Our mayor married us. We had a reception at our home on December 5th and Krista baked the most beautiful cake. My son made a speech that put us all in tears. It was the best day of my life, or at least one of the best days of my life. I’m sure there are many more to come.


20141206_132316Since marrying my husband, again, I was given the brilliant chance to stay home and do what I love. Write! I also became a substitute teacher and have already been called to help at my son’s school. Right now I am looking into getting my alternative certification to actually teach full time. For now, nonetheless, I’m relaxing, listening to Christmas music, and working with my husband in his business. Given this wonderful chance, there will be a lot more books coming!

HOUSEHOLD PET: Prayers & positive thoughts requested
10849824_365837986923929_2902787034172429948_nI am placing this into the blog because I know a lot of you who read my blogs and/or my books are believers in the power of positive thinking and/or a high power. Many of you pray or meditate. Either way, consider this a prayer request. The family pet, Chance, was diagnosed with cancer in late August. This has been devastating to all of us. It was yet another obstacle to deal with in 2014.

He had a fifteen pound mass removed from his abdomen. Biopsy results told us that we were dealing with Carcinoma. His prognosis was three months. But, guess what? We’ve passed the three month mark and look who’s still here?

We have decided not to put him through chemo. He appears to be happy and pain free. He still runs about the yard chasing rabbits and as long as he is doing that, as well as eating and drinking, we’re keeping him. At this point his quality of life is awesome for an animal who has terminal cancer.

He goes for ultrasounds every month or so. There are two tumors right now, fairly small, and there is fatty tissue left that we are told is cancerous. If anything ruptures, he won’t last10624588_363769483797446_4126797090098062900_n but a few hours. So the request we have is this: pray he goes in his sleep. We do not want him to suffer. We are enjoying every single moment with him and we will be there to hold his hand when he crosses over on that rainbow bridge. He has been and is my protector as well as my son’s. He’s saved our lives more than once and probably more than we even know. Letting him go will be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. His contract isn’t up yet; we are sure of that. So, keep us in your hearts and prayers. Thanks in advance for that!


Yes, I’m back from the dead! I can breath again and smile again and relax even. The plans for 2015 are no quite carved out yet, but as long as it’s better than 2014 I think I’ll be alright. There were times this past year that I wasn’t alright; far from it. If it hadn’t been for my parents and my son and my best friends, I am not sure I would have made it. Some “friends” simply walked away. It’s those testy times in your life that you see who will stick and who won’t.

Most of all, if it hadn’t been for my faith, I KNOW I wouldn’t have made it.

In January I will be co-hosting The Paranormal Hour again with Willow Cross. I’ll be embracing this new found freedom to do what I love: teach and write. I will be enjoying the responsibilities of being a stay-at-home mom and an accountant for my husband’s business. Needless to say, life is good.

For now, I wish you love and light and Happy Holidays wherever you are in this great big world! See you again soon!


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