The Next is Up to You

10404526_288011414706587_7250011112143809633_nHello folks. It is very hard to believe that July is drawing to a close. With its end, the school season begins again, causing all sorts of crazy thing to happen. This is the first summer since college that I’ve had “off.” It’s not been much of a break with all of the turmoil and chaos, but nonetheless, I wasn’t working. That has recently changed, I’m happy to say.

The last episode of the Stages of Chaos is coming up very soon, aptly titled OVERCOMING. I sincerely hope that if you watched the series, you were encouraged. Working through the stages myself has been challenging, exhausting, and a tremendous learning experience; one I do not care to relive if at all possible. I will post to my blog when it airs.

10359539_278228029018259_8015382910982789449_nSo, what happens now? Honestly, I’m not sure what topics I’d like to explore. I’ll be starting back with Willow Cross for our radio show soon, which I’m sure will open up lots of topics. However, I find it useful to ask others what they want to talk about. This is your chance. I know life is busy and it’s hard to say how many people even read my blog, but nonetheless, I’m giving you the chance to tell me what you want. Tell me what you want me to research and talk about. After all, it’s not all about me. It’s about you, the viewer… the fan… the reader… the friend.

You make a suggestions one of two ways. You can reply to this blog post or you can contact me directly at I sincerely hope I hear from you. Until then, have a blessed day!


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