Stages of Chaos

Hello everyone. Right now I am hard at work on a new set of episodes for my YouTube channel. I want to explore and talk about the stages of chaos. When we go through traumatic events in our lives, our minds and our bodies suffer. So what does that look like and how can we move through those situations effectively? That is the mission I’m on right now; to find out how to do this and to explore the hypothesis psychologically. So, that is what’s coming up.

To give you a taste of what I’m doing, here are the stages I’ve coined:

1. Shock

2. Denial

3. Fear begets Survival

4. Anger and resentment

5. Depression

6. Resolve

7. Overcoming

My hope is that this will not only help you, but me also.

silverliningThe other thing I would like to announce is something I’ve tried in the past, but I’m trying it again. Right now I’m not working, so I have plenty of time on my hands to be creative and innovative. I want to host Facebook events for authors and for businesses. Facebook and social media have been ground breaking in connecting with folks around the world. It is a wonderful advertising tool if used properly. So, that’s why I’ve started TRACEE’S SILVER LINING EVENTS. If you have a release coming up soon or a grand opening or a re-release or a cover reveal… anything that you want people to know about, please contact me. I can help manage the event and feature  you in various other places that will surely get some traffic.



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