author photoMatthew Johnson enjoys writing Fantasy stories. He is married to a drama teacher, who always finds a way to keep life interesting. He has published several novellas and worked as a freelance writer. Currently he is teaching high school Language Arts and working on a full fantasy novel “The Sun Blade.” His current novellas, “Retribution” and “The Sacrifice” are available via Kindle Direct Publishing.



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Retribution SacrificeSince I teach full-time, I get a few hours a night to write and about four more on Saturday and Sunday. Teaching has allowed me to observe humanity in a critical light. Jarrod, my protagonist in “Retribution,” came about because my view on war and the types of people involved in war. He is a young, farm boy who lost his parents during an invasion, but now the war is over, there are factions who want to exact retribution on those who they believed hurt their cause and were never punished. Jarrod believes in justice, although not through violence that tears entire families apart. He also does not like being a tool, or play thing of the gods, either. He has to find his own morale path to negotiate, no matter the costs. I write because I enjoy exploring interactions of people and how they handle the struggles of existence. In publishing, marketing is always one trouble spot. With so many stories and books, it is hard to find your target audience and convince them of the need to read your story. Those who have read it enjoy the story immensely and have asked for more. Connecting to readers is my greatest accomplishment.


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