E. G. Gaddess is the pen name of a young adult author who lives in Norfolk, Virginia, with her husband, daughter, big dog and the cat that rules them all.  “E. G. Gaddess” was chosen in memory of her grandparents.  They would have been proud of her.

Born in the U.S. but raised in Canada, she spent six years in the United States Navy, where she met her husband, got married, and had a child.  She didn’t see much of the world, but she got her B.A. in English (because she always loved to write) and a job as a technical editor.

She still takes classes in creative writing.  There is always something new to learn, another skill to master.

One day, she’d like to live off the money she makes from her writing.

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Buy Now (page on Dreampunkpress.com):  http://www.dreampunkpress.com/teens/dhampyr_journey/

Answers to questions:

How much time are you able to devote to writing?

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE_Dhampyr_JourneyWell, I have a full-time job and a disabled mother that now lives with my family, and my  writing time is getting less and less all the time.  I love to write, though, and squeeze in the time as much as I can.  Usually, I find about an hour in the evening before I go to bed.

Tell me about one of your characters and how that character was born.

Edwin, the main male character in Dhampyr Journey, was born as Simon in Dhampyr Journey.  I didn’t like him much, and I couldn’t get into his character, until I renamed him after my grandfather.  Once his name was Edwin, he became real to me, and wound up getting his own book when so many folks who read my first novel wanted to know what happened to him

Why do you write and what struggles have you had in publishing?

I’ve always written stories, even back in elementary school.  If I wasn’t reading I was writing.  When I hit a certain age, I decided I need to start publishing what I was writing.  I chose self-publishing after a couple of agents told me I either had to ditch the vampire or the positive Christian theme in my book, and that was not something I was prepared to do.  I know that my vampire books aren’t going to be mainstream hits – but I love that a few people read and love them.

What is the biggest reward you’ve gotten as a published author (i.e., personal satisfaction, monetary gain, networking)?

Personal satisfaction.  I have a couple of local teens who are true fans and love my books.  A couple of adults, too.  That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love more folks to read my books.  But knowing someone – even if it is just a few people – like my stories and get something out of them, is wonderful.


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