littleblackdress (2)I grew up in rural North Dakota, and was so bored out of my mind, having an imagination was my only entertainment. Poetry is the first written medium that caught my eye and I read Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends repeatedly, laughing by myself in my bed at night. As a teen, I wrote hundreds of poems and songs and someone stole them from my locker at school. Heartbreaking, I know.

After graduate school, I started writing articles for Demand Media Studios and finally decided to fulfill my dream of writing fiction novels. My first completed work is Second Hand Stops, and the sequel, Rewind Forward is in editing. I plan to take this series as far as it will go.

When I write, I tend to think in terms of possibilities and ‘what ifs’ because in life, you never do know. My sense of humor is as crazy as my imagination, and I’m a world class dork somewhat reminiscent of a Stephanie Plum. If it can happen to someone, it usually does and it’s usually me.


I’m writing full time now, and tend to write and edit in spurts, which allows me to have better focus. When I divided my time between too many activities, it became a challenge to get the stories out of my head and into a book.

When I set out to create the character of Claude Van Buren, I wanted to keep everyone guessing until the end. The reader doesn’t know whether he’s the good guy or bad guy and I’ve designed him to be mysterious. In Book II, everyone will have even more doubts about him. People want to crack his code and can’t. Even the main character doesn’t quite know what to think, and that always leaves a question mark looming above the reader’s head.

SecondHandStops 72 DPI (2)This is my first book and the biggest obstacle is getting it out there in front of readers. It’s about recognition and developing a brand, and until an author has created a fan base for their work, it’s a slow process. Every author I’ve talked to has made the same statement, and I’m finding it to be true. Perseverance is critical to success. There is nothing more rewarding than unleashing my imagination, bringing characters to life, and creating exciting twisty turny plots. In the end, it’s all worth it. If you’re passionate about writing, then don’t stop doing it.


3 responses to “2ND ANNUAL SPRING FEVER BLOG TOUR: Katie St. Claire

  1. I wrote tons of poetry when I was young, as well. I also wrote short stories. I kept virtually none of it. I did copy many of poems into a book for my mother. She carries it every with her to this day. The binding of the book has fallen apart and she has taped it together over and over, but she refuses to be parted with it, for even a second. It warms my heart. I have absolutely the best mother on the planet.


  2. The greatest honor in the world is to have someone take you aside at a family gathering, pull something out of their wallet and unfold it in front of you. It was a poem I had written him some twenty years prior as a young girl. He died of cancer a year later and I’m positive he died with my poem in his wallet.


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