2nd Annual Spring Fever Blog Tour: Official Line-up

springWell, it’s that time of year again. I am hosting the 2nd Annual Spring Fever Blog Tour. This year’s format is much more condensed and the authors featured basically wrote a story about themselves. Some of those stories are very detailed and others skim the surface of who these talented individuals truly are.

I have not altered or changed any of the upcoming features. All of the words were written by the featured author. I didn’t edit. I just simply decided to present who they are, to you, the reader. I wanted them to tell their story.

So, starting tomorrow night, an author will be featured between the hours of 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. through the entire month of April and a few dates in May.

I also wanted to let you know that the fall blog tour I host will not be happening this year. Blog tours take a lot of preparation and work. As long as I’m working full time and juggling everything else, I’m going to limit myself to hosting one blog tour a year, which will always start in the month of April.

Enjoy the tour!

The official line up for the upcoming 2nd Annual Spring Fever Blog Tour is below. I know there were others who wanted to be a part of this event, but I had to stick tight to the deadline for submission. Otherwise, my life would be further chaotic and I honestly can’t handle that right now. Deadlines are hard, but that is what keeps events like this organized and manageable.

So (drum roll) here they are:

me cut (2)

Diane Gardner                                  1-Apr

TMFranklin (2)

T.M. Franklin                                      2-Apr

scan0001-2 (2)

Brenda Perlin                                     3-Apr


Diane Rinella                                      4-Apr

littleblackdress (2)

Katie St. Claire (Sidney)                 5-Apr

johnrosenman-sm[2] (2)

John Roseman                                    6-Apr

_DSC7695 (2)

Olga Nunez Miret                            7-Apr

Authorpic (2)

Jennifer Garcia                                  8-Apr

Zombie Addiction cover (2)

Kelly J Erickson                                  9-Apr

me b&W

Joanne Jaytanie                                   10-Apr


Nikki Noffsinger                                 11-Apr


Jason W Baccaro                               12-Apr

Belle Whittington_author photo

Belle Whittington                             13-Apr

Tracey Alvarez

Tracey Alvarez                                   14-Apr


Katie Salidas                                       15-Apr

blue.pspimage (2)

Felicia Starr                                         16-Apr

Grace 055

Grace Au                                             17-Apr


Lisa Rayns                                            18-Apr


E. G. Gaddess                                    19-Apr


Elodie Parkes                                     20-Apr

1014027_10152037637414882_2079711721_n (2)

Mike Hartner                                     21-Apr

Me - 2014 4x4.6

Maggie Thom                                    22-Apr

Close up Cane

Nina Pierce                                         23-Apr

01_111413 (Large)

DAVEN ANDERSON                         24-Apr

Cruise2012 001

CINDY HANSON                                                25-Apr


Denysé Bridger                                 26-Apr

Babs4BackCover (2)

Barbara Ann Mojica                        27-Apr

author photo

Matthew Johnson                           28-Apr

Lindsey Gray

Lindsey Gray                                      29-Apr

Author Photo

Jerold Last                            30-Apr

summer 2010 066_2_1

Denise Moncrief                              1-May

on bridge with bird in bath

Aubrey Wynne                                 2-May

Me on benchPB010829

Lorraine Carey                                   3-May

author pic 1 (2)

Nicki Scalise                                        4-May

cynthiaponeill head shot

Cindy O’Neill                                      5-May


Raebeth Buda                                   6-May


K’Anne Meinel                                  7-May


Tracee Ford                                        8-May


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