Spiritus Walking with Tracee Ford: Divine Intervention

tari_tari-03-summer-sun-clouds-sky-peaceful-hotWhat is divine intervention? According to Ask.com, it is defined as “involvement from a god or supernatural deity in the human world.” But what does that really mean? It means different things to different people, in fact. Some describe it as a situation of salvation. This includes but isn’t limited to being saved from certain death, overcoming an addiction, or making a different choice that resulted in precipitating a life changing event. Others feel it constitutes much simpler situations. Still more interviews and research shows that divine intervention is simply a miracle and that those two terms are interchangeable.

No matter what your personal viewpoint is, I’m finding that the idea of divine intervention exists across all belief systems and all cultures. So, to gain some perspective on the subject I asked for assistance from my fans, friends, family, and readers. I’ve given many examples of divine intervention in my own life during my broadcasts on YouTube not only in the Bumps in the Night series but also recently in the new Spiritus Walking episodes.

I’m not going to get very detailed in this post because I want you to watch the show, but I will tell you that the response to the question of divine intervention yielded overwhelming response. Email after email came in about personal encounters and examples of miracles. So, tomorrow night I’ll be sharing those with you. So, tune in and thanks in advance for watching.


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2 responses to “Spiritus Walking with Tracee Ford: Divine Intervention

  1. My grandfather was a minister and an ardent student of theology. He spent years studying different religions, cultures, faiths, and discovered that at their core most of them follow the same belief. It’s amazing how similar those faith-based systems are when you get down to the nitty gritty. How most religions and cultures believe in some form of life after death. Can’t wait for the show, Tracee. 😉


    • Thanks so much for following and commenting! And yes, it is amazing that the core of most religions is very similar, if not the same. I just wish people could stop throwing darts at those that embrace a more holistic view of it all. That seems to be something that is difficult to overcome.


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