Spiritus Walking with Author Tracee Ford: Soul Mates

ID-10030878Do you believe that everyone has a person that is his/her counterpart? A perfect fit to what is missing in your life? A person that is sent directly to you to complete who you are? If you do, you’re in the majority. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, tomorrow’s Spiritus Walking episode will be about soul mates.

When we are created, or rather when our souls are created, many feel that a matching soul is created also. It is said that we often travel through this life searching for this missing piece and then once we find it, we travel together through each of our earth journeys.

The technical definition of soul mate is a person whom one feels a profound like-mindedness. This often involves but isn’t limited to similarities, love, romance, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, compatibility, and/or trust.

There are many ancient stories of how soul mates came to be. The one I like the most is that of The Symposium. In this account, it is said that initially humans had four arms, four legs, a single head, and two faces. Because the humans threatened the Gods, it was contemplated by the Gods how to deal with us. Zeus came up with a solution to avoid destroying humans. He split humans in half and once split, we were miserable, pining after the half we lost. It is said that when the two reunite during the earth journey, there is instant unity and a joy that surpasses all understanding.

Whether you believe in soul mates or not, the current concept is a romantic one. The soul mate is the person whom you have a lifelong bond. This is edified by Biblical text and the discussion of marriage; two souls become one.

Psychologists feel that the idea of a soul mate is quite unrealistic. I happen to be one of those psychologists. I personally do not believe that there is a soul mate for each of us. I believe we are brought to people and them to us for a common purpose, but I do not believe there is a matching half out there. I think the notion of a soul mate puts too much pressure on the human spirit. We have to learn to function independently in a healthy way without the preoccupation that somewhere there is some person destined to complete us. Therefore, I do not believe it is a necessity to search and find a soul mate. Nevertheless, those that do invest in this concept are to be commended. It is a very romantic notion and for those who have successfully found their other half, they communicate a feeling of bliss. Hats off to the romantics, for you may very well inherit the earth.


One response to “Spiritus Walking with Author Tracee Ford: Soul Mates

  1. I view them as “soul connections”, not “soul mates.”
    The most intense of these bonds do make people feel as if they are half of a whole, but really each soul is always its own complete entity.
    And some “soul connections” last for shorter periods of time, to teach us lessons we would not learn otherwise.


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