Votes are in. Results are posted. “We did good.”

The favorite saying in my house is completely incorrect grammatically, but that’s what makes it worth using in every day life.  When I see something wonderful that my son does, I always say, “You did good.” When he sees something that he thinks I’ve done well on, he says, “Mom, you did good.” So tonight, I’m using this to say “WE DID GOOD!”

This week has been a whirlwind filled with ups, downs, ties, number crunching, campaigning, rallying, and sweating… nail biting… hair pulling. As all of you know who follow my blog, I was nominated by The Paranormal Romance Guild for a review award; best paranormal romantic suspense of 2013. Mind you, this is my very first nomination. Remember, my first book was published this time last year and it was a selfie? Then in April PDMI re-released it. My second novel (a stand alone) made it’s way to Amazon on August 30th. A reviewer from PRG picked it up. Apparently, she enjoyed it so much she threw the book in the nomination hat, but it was up to voters to decide who would take the top three slots.

Monday through Friday was pretty calm. The leader and I, a best selling novelist, Danica Winters, kept bouncing back and forth. At one point on Friday I was in first place quickly losing the lead because the numbers were always so close. So, Saturday I decided to create an event to draw attention to voting and wow, did it ever. Supporters came out of the woodworking. It was utterly astounding. Again on Saturday there was a tie, I took the lead, then moved back down to second. I created a campaign video and aired it Saturday night. Rallying continued until late in the night. The recruiters and I worked hard addressing potential problems. The integrity of the individuals I had the pleasure of working Saturday night came gleaming through.

However, everyone must sleep, I’m afraid, and by the time I woke up Sunday, a tremendous gap formed. No longer was I trailing by four, or ten, or eight. It was a fifty point gap. I thought, “How in the world am I ever going to get that back?” Once again, my fans, my friends, and my family stepped up to the plate to show what determination can do. The contest ended Sunday with Winters securing 319 votes and IDOLUM scoring 280.

2nd (2)For the campaign committee, this was nothing to hang our heads about. It isn’t every day that a first time author who’s only published two books takes a secure second place in a major competition. I never dreamed this would happen. I wanted it to, but I certainly didn’t think it would happen this soon after publishing. Still, it’s not at all about me. The credit goes to the voters. IDOLUM officially secured the 2nd place spot in the category and is the 2nd prize winner of the best paranormal romantic suspense novel of 2013.

This is a win for not only IDOLUM and myself, but it is a testament to the diligence and hard work of the staff at PDMI Publishing LLC. Without them, where would I be? Tc McKinney’s brilliant vision for the front cover became a reality. Nessa  Arcamenel beautiful interior designs pulled the theme completely together. Clay Gilbert’s editing polished the product. The staff at PDMI as well as my brother and sister authors share in this accomplishment. It simply gives validity to my platform: DREAM BIG!

This is something I’ve always dreamed of; something I’ve always wanted. Yet, there is no possible way I could have accomplished it if I hadn’t been blessed by so many people to help me. So, with that being said, I want to especially thank Samantha Harlow, Lee Rider, Gene Collins, Cindy Sprigg, Amanda Wimer, Pamela Sims, and Heather Stanley for their hard work and sincere loyalty during the two-day event. Each one received a free ebook for their blood, sweat, and tears.

I also want to congratulate the winners of ebooks given away during the event along with a copyrighted pieces of my upcoming novel Through Glass Darkly: Rachel Shell Vance, Shannon Spangler Williams, Mindy Drummond, Bobbi Klinger, Danni Williams, Cee Bee, Megan Starr, April Epley, and Tracie Steele.

The winner of a signed paperback of IDOLUM was Chad Walker.

So here we are. It’s all said and done. All of the hard work paid off. Am I disappointed by second place? NO WAY! The fact that I was nominated was life changing, but to actually win… Well, that my friends is something I am still trying to wrap my mind around. So I suppose I’d better crack on writing the next book. Wouldn’t you say?

Again thanks to all of you! Love you all!!!! WE DID GOOD!!!


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