Spiritus Walking with Author Tracee Ford: Spirit Guides

In preparation for tomorrow’s Spiritus Walking episode, I’m posting this blog entry. Tomorrow’s episode will focus on spirit guides. I’ve researched this subject extensively, so I’m presenting all view points on what spirit guides are, what they do, and how to communicate with them. Finally, I’ll present my personal opinion and experience.

saheartenergyWhat is a spirit guide?

The word “spirit guide” (SG hereafter) is used to explain some type of entity that acts as a guide or protector. Some feel that they hold ancient wisdom and that they are incarnated humans who lived many past lives, paid their karmic obligation, and have advanced past the need to reincarnate. Along these same lines, some say that all SG were once humans, they lived, went about their daily tasks, died, crossed over, and are given the choice to reincarnate or to remain in spirit form so that they can help their charge through life’s journey. Thus, those that stay in spirit tend to have expertise based on their own past life situations.

Others believe that SG’s are angelic in nature. Still yet, others say they are simply energy or light beings residing in a higher spiritual realm. Some feel that SG’s are assigned to us before we are even born. There are opinions that indicate our SG is placed with us at birth and then other SG join the team as we grow up.


It is obvious to me that SG are available to us to direct us. Collectively, all research points to SG as beings who lend us comfort and advice; that they come to us when problems arise. Their main purpose, also collectively believed, is to help us, watch over us, and to enhance our human experience. They act as supports to us, helping us accomplish personal goals and our soul’s mission.

For those that believe in reincarnation, our guides help us maneuver through the amnesia of incarnation. Reincarnation causes us to forget who we are, where we’ve been and why we’re here. SG know how hard this is and they are put in place to hold our hands. If we’re intuitive enough to connect with them, they can assist us in knowing and understanding our past lives.


How do these beings connect with us? There is also a vast amount of diverse information on this subject also. Some say our random thoughts are SG trying to connect. Most feel it is very possible for us to see, hear, and sense our SG.

As a group, it’s felt that one doesn’t need to be psychic to communicate with a SG. However, our sixth sense, something that each of us has, opens the door to communication. Don’t brush off certain feelings or thoughts, even if they do not make sense. If you’ve been exploring communication with your SG, they may be dropping things into your spirit about various situations or circumstances.

Many of us have gifts. In fact, I think everyone of us possesses a gift (or gifts) of the spiritual kind. SG will zone in on those gifts to talk to us. If you are a visual person, it is possible for your SG to present in your mind’s eye. An inner voice can pop through or even the use of song lyrics; something you’re familiar with. Physically, it’s been reported that the body tingles when they are present or if a thought is of a divine nature.

As time passes and as you continue connecting with your SG, the relationship with strengthen and you’ll know exactly when they are linking with you. Your instincts aren’t to be underestimated. Often your SG are using those innate instincts to grab your attention and direct you.

Dreams are also a way in for SG. As I’ve said before, dreams play a significant part in the spiritual world. Once you’ve started connecting with your SG, pay close attention to your dream activity. SG have a direct route to us during sleep. Defenses are down and our conscious filters shut down, allowing open communication. The distractions of the day fall away, letting SG interact with us.

Keep an open mind as you try to communicate with your SG. In one piece of research, advice was given that if you are trying to connect with your guide, don’t share this with someone who is not of like mind. Those that do not believe in this will discredit your efforts, opening the door for negative energy. SG are sensitive to this and will shy away from negative vibes, especially if you are just trying to get to know them. They thrive on positive energy.

Listen. Quiet yourself and listen. For example, if you’re driving and you hear something inside yourself say, “slow down,” don’t dismiss this. Ever had a gut feeling not to take a certain road? This is also a way for a SG to communicate with you. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it; there’s probably a reason you don’t have peace about it.

Asking for help in getting in contact with your SG is also okay. A reader or psychic can be a wonderful tool in opening the doors of communication. In fact, that’s how I came to realize what SG were and that they exist. Once that happened, I was able to tap into my connection to them and cultivate the relationship.

woman-meditating-21If you have a heartfelt desire to meet your SG, it will happen. Patience is the key. Meditation can be a wonderful way of communicating with SG. However, don’t expect instant results. Don’t give up. Have and keep a journal. It could be that your SG will use automatic writing to communicate with you. Patience is a virtue.

What do they do?

Because they are guides, they offer uplifting thoughts. Their guidance will honor truth and will hold you accountable for your choices. They will not tell you what to do. They will make recommendations or even steer you in a certain direction, but the choice will lie squarely on your shoulders. They will not become angry with your or scold you. They are love and patience as they are from Creator who exhibits these same characteristics. They have faith in you and your abilities, even if you fall into negative situations. They provide encouragement and wisdom; they will not participate in pity parties. Keep the aforementioned in mind because if you are experiencing things that do not line up with these types of interactions, you are likely experiencing a negative entity or even your ego.

SG can send signs to alert us and direct us. A reader told me that in a past life I was a healer. So many signs had been thrown out to me even before I understood what they meant. I had always been interested in holistic healing with the use of minerals and vitamins. I gravitated toward that, even as a teenager. When I realized that I was in a group of healers, it made sense.

As already stated, gut feelings are utilized by SG to keep us safe or to direct us. Intuition and that voice of conscience is also your SG trying to protect you. When you happen upon a situation and it’s just something you know, take notice that your SG is involved.

Each day we come into contact with people. We are linked to individuals. SG send people to us. Even in cases where you find yourself thinking of someone and then they call, this isn’t coincidence. There’s a purpose. Even if we don’t understand why, each person throughout our journey has been strategically placed into our lives. It’s often up to us to explore why.

My take

It is my personal belief that SG are a mixture of supernatural beings and human spirits. They are a direct extension of our brilliant Creator. I feel that some are assigned to us upon our soul’s creation. Others may join to us just for this particular earth journey. Still others may come to us during this life, but may not reappear during our future lives.

I believe my paternal grandmother is an ancestral guide who, at her death in 1969, waited for me to be born in 1976. I believe she has been with me during each of my past lives. She offers comfort to me when I’m sad. She praises me when I do well. She is a support to me. I interact with her almost on a daily basis and have done so consciously since 2012. She isn’t acting alone, nonetheless.

I also believe I have a master guide who filters spiritual stimuli and offers protection. In other words, my primary guide is present at all times allowing me to go through my day to day activity without being overwhelmed by spiritual activities brought on by my gifts. When I complete a paranormal investigation, my master guide is there to filter communication between me and those that have passed on. When I’m in any type of danger, my master guide steps up to the plate. If you will, and if you believe in Christian theology, my master guide is my guardian angel.

I believe that my master guide has been directly responsible for saving my life on more than one occasion. I believe that my master guide has used intuition, direct communication, and my pet to keep me safe. For example, in 1991 it was not law for Ohioans to wear their seat belts. I was standing outside of the car, waiting for my mom to come out. It was September. Earlier in the week the car had been dropped off for repairs. As I stood there, I heard a voice inside myself say, “You probably better put on your seat belt.” When my mom unlocked my door, I got into the passenger side and remembered the direction; I put on my seat belt. Less than fifteen minutes later, the car was hit on my side, spun 360 degrees, and the vehicle was crushed with my mom and I in it. She did not have her seat belt on, flew up, hit the windshield with her head, and broker her ankle, landing in my lap. Later I told my mom about the direction I was given. At that time, I was told it was God or even my guardian angel. No doubt, it was a spiritual situation, but I believe now it was my master guide.

My dog has been a vehicle to save my life and my son’s life on at least three occasions that I know of. He has stood between me and harm, protecting me and my son from what could have happened. There are problem many other times that I’ve been in danger and he has been used to detour danger.

In 2013 as I was going to work, I sat at the intersection to pull out onto the main highway I take to get to my job. I was four cars from the intersection. I waited on the light and when it turned the three other cars went ahead. The truck across the street sat there, not moving. I kept thinking, “Why isn’t he going?” I put my foot on the gas and heard “Stop!” From the corner of my eye, I saw a semi-truck barreling through his red light. He was going full speed (at least fifty-five miles per hour). If I wouldn’t have stopped or hesitated or heard the voice yelling at me, I would have died.

It is also my belief that we are assigned several SG, at least four to five. I am completely aware of two of mine, my master guide and my grandmother, but I know there are more. I am still trying to get to know them. I also feel the presence of my maternal aunt at various times, especially when I am sad. In fact when I start to cry, it is she and my grandmother that come to my mind offering peace and comfort. I believe they work in concert, but I do not believe my aunt is a SG.

I am learning to communicate with my other SG’s to become more knowledgeable about my past lives. That has been challenging. My life is sometimes so busy that I can’t seem to find time to connect, which is when my dreams are used. Actually, my dreams are used constantly to relay information and to offer insight. This might explain that during the time in November when I was not able to sleep well due to medications that I took I felt very out of balance and lost at times. The human body requires sleep, yes, but sleep is also required (at least for me) so that I can commune with my guides and recharge spiritually. I hear from my SG’s each day, offering to me direction and security. In times of adversity, I look to them for help. I do not worship them and I do not pray to them, but I do look to them for assistance.

I hope you enjoy tomorrow night’s episode of Spiritus Walking. Thanks for following!


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