Aspiring Authors Autumn Blog Tour: Raven Wolf

12598640I am honored to welcome Raven Wolf to the first annual Autumn blog tour.  She is an inspiring writer who literally put blood and tears into her first novel, Full Moon: A Warrior’s Journey. She is a mother of three children residing in Pierre, South Dakota.

Being an avid reader herself, Raven is passionately drawn to the supernatural world. Her dream of becoming a writer began when she was only seven years old. Ever since then, her passion for writing never ceased.

Raven and her three children do a lot of traveling in and out of the Pine Ridge Reservation. She and her twin daughters are Fancy Shawl Dancers in the powwow circuit.

She is also a, “Treaty Indian” being Lakota/ Taino. She is always finding ways to help her people prosper and grow for future generations to come.

Want to connect with Raven? Here’s how:


www Raven Wolf

Book Title (s) Book One: Full Moon: A Warrior’s Journey

                         Book Two: Full Moon: The Diary of Raven Del Mar

Full Moon “A Warrior’s Journey” is a story about my life. It is a story that contains not only the spiritual, but cultural essence of a Nation. A legend called, “The White Buffalo Calf Woman” is told to the audience – a story that was told many moons ago of a woman who brought the seven sacred rites to the people, thereby becoming the dominant figure of the Lakota Nation. This woman, Raven, a mother of three, has been marked for death. Her children had become targets too. It was at that moment that she decided to fight back.

Following her Lakota beliefs, struggling to stay alive, Raven begin to learn the true meaning of what it is to have a Chanupa Wakan. In the Lakota Language it means, Sacred Pipe. Walking in a sacred manner Raven flees from one state to another, heading to Night Fall, Colorado. There, she finds love. That’s when she begins to realize that dreams do come true even in the mist of darkness.

graphic Full Moon raven WolfMichael Thomas, a rebel was chosen by the Wakiyan (The Thunder Beings) to lead. With just a mere glance, Raven and Michael fell into a deep love that they have never experienced. Due to that one stare, something changes. She feels a strong connection for a man she hardly knows. Raven begins to find out the true identity of Michael, the man from her dreams. She begins to realize events are about to happen which will change her life.

Raven finds it hard to handle truth; that her creativity, with the power of the moon, will bring premonitions to reality. Afraid and not fully understanding this power, she runs once more, not from the “Chosen”, but from love instead. Michael is aware of the dangerous situation that Raven and her family are in. He is put to the test struggling with his inner emotions. He is unaware Raven is not just a regular woman. Soon, he’ll find out she is more then he bargains for. His senses heightened with anticipation, his interest grows for her. She is not like the women he’s used to.

Michael begins to learn the true meaning of his existence. In the same time, he begins to understand the true meaning of unconditional love. Through Raven, he begins to unlock her hidden secrets that soon will be revealed when the moon is full.

 Full Moon “The Diary of Raven Del Mar” is the companion book for Full Moon” A Warrior’s Journey” it’s a diary about my childhood life and dreams.


Raven talked to me about her book, Full Moon: A Warrior’s Journey and Full Moon: The Diary Of Raven Del Mar. I asked her what draws her to the genre. She said, “I have come to a conclusion that I am a Realistic Fiction Writer, mixed in with the Supernatural Romance. What many call, Paranormal.  Since I was a child, I grew up experiencing paranormal activities, within and outside my home.” When I asked her how she gets from the beginning of her work to the end, she answered, “One just writes as it comes. Yes, I am editing and re-writing my novel at this time.”

Raven told me that she researched “every technology out there. From hacking, to tapping one’s phone, cyber bullying to underground organize crime.”

Her response to a character in her books was humorous: “This is one strange question that’s for sure. Since, it’s about me.

The main character in my novel is Raven Del Mar. Raven is a single mom with three children. She was marked by death. Her ex wanted her out of the way, for good.  Her children had become targets too. It was at that moment that she had decided to fight back. The only thing that Raven had to depend on was her Chanupa Wakan and her Diaries. In the Lakota language: Chanupa Wakan, means: Sacred Pipe. Raven began to learn the true meaning of what it is to be a true Chanupa Yuha,,to be a living breathing prayer. Lakota translation: A Pipe Keeper.”

She told me that to balance her time she just “breaks” her “time up the best way” she “can.”  Her perception of being published was rather simple: “Being published means to me that I have accomplished my dreams.”

Marketing strategies? “Websites, blog, youtube, Book signing.”

She explained her history with writing: “I’ve been weaving stories since I was seven years old. I’ve decided that my stories needed  to be told and shared with the world.” Her one wish? “To be published and read World- Wide.”

When Raven talked about coming up with ideas for her stories, she said, ” Living and experiencing each and every day. Listening to peoples troubles and watching how everyone conducts themselves. I also watch some movies that are close to my script making sure it’s nothing like theirs. Since, I thrive to be unique in every way. ”

Michael Thomas black wolfHer vision? “To be able to educate readers about the Lakota way of life through one’s life experience and struggles.” The most important thing she wants people to know about her and her work? “My work is about my life and how I didn’t choose to give up on my dreams. That everyone was put on this earth for purpose and that we are all part of it, Wichoni, ;Lakota Language; life. I’m on my journey, as I write this.”


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