Aspiring Authors Autumn Blog Tour: Barbara Ann Mojica

Babs4BackCover (2)Good evening everyone in the eastern time zone 🙂 Tonight, Barbara Ann Mojica is center stage talking about her work and her accomplishments. Barbara Ann Mojica is an historian and retired educator living in New York State. Barbara is staying busy: along with her forthcoming series of Little Miss History travel books she writes historical pieces for The Columbia Insider under the banner “Passages”. In addition, Mojica writes reviews of children’s books twice weekly on her blog at The author enjoys meeting children at local events like the Hudson Children’s Book Festival, libraries and school visits. Marrying her love of history and teaching, Barbara hopes her Little Miss History character will inspire children to learn about historical people and visit landmarks.

Barbara shared this article with me during the course of the interview, so naturally I wanted to share it with you:


Barbara Ann Mojica brings Little Miss HISTORY to the Statue of Liberty Courtesy of eugenus STUDIOS

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Little Miss HISTORY Travels to Mount Rushmore, a B.R.A.G. MEDALLION winner, was the first in a series of books using the Little Miss History character as a guide. She looks like a wannabe park ranger with pig tails and hiking boots three sizes too big. With her as your child’s guide learning about people and places of historical importance will be fun and educational. The aim of these books is to whet your child’s appetite to learn more about history and perhaps even visit these landmarks with you. Little Miss History presents information in a whimsical and factual way while amusing your child.

Little Miss HISTORY has journeyed more than 1700 miles to reach her second destination, the Statue of Liberty. Little Miss HISTORY will help you discover how the monument arrived, the values she symbolizes, the architects and engineers who built her, and the little known individuals who contributed their pennies to make her possible. You will learn about why she remains a promise and symbol of the hopes and aspirations of people around the world. Come now and follow Little Miss HISTORY as she enlightens you about Lady Liberty!

Both books in the series are available online in book retailer websites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble or ask for them in your local bookstore.You can also visit Little Miss HISTORY’S website at Parents and teachers should note that The Statue of Liberty book is a perfect match for students in fourth grade New York schools who study the history of New York State.

Connecting is easy:



Author website:

Author blog: :

LMHFrontCoverBook Title (s)    Little Miss HISTORY Travels to MOUNT RUSHMORE and Little Miss HISTORY Travels to The STATUE of LIBERTY (available at Createspace, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Brag, Magic Blox, and local bookstores)

Little Miss HISTORY Travels to the STATUE of LIBERTY is Barbara’s latest work. It is a nonfictional children’s history book. Because she is an historian, a retired educator, parent, and grandparent, the genre came naturally to her

I asked her how she gets from start to finish with her work and she said, “I do my research and then write a first draft. Then I do an edit. Next, I discuss with my illustrator/husband how to coordinate text with the pictures to get the best flow. Then we edit again until we get exactly the right combination of pictures and story line. Final step is to lay the book out and format for printing.”

Regarding research, she told me that she utilizes “online research of the facts involved and combine it with my previous knowledge and A: experiences.” When we talked about her character, Little Miss History, this is what she said, “She is an autobiographical character based on my younger self. I may be introducing another character in the next book.”

Balancing time is something Barbara seems to have under control. She said, “I don’t have a fixed schedule. Most of the time I work seven days a week. Part of my day is spent writing and the rest of the time I do marketing. My writing also includes writing historical articles for a local news magazine.”

Her perception of being published was explained to me like this: “It has not changed my personality, but it gives me a rewarding feeling when I see someone reading and enjoying my articles and books.” Projects she’s currently working on include a book about local history.

To market her work, Barbara reaches out to fellow authors on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and fellow bloggers. Additionally, she said, “I am seeking to expand distribution in schools, libraries, book festivals and online book sites.”

I asked Barbara how many years she’d been writing and why she decided to write. She said, “I published my Master’s thesis many years ago and wrote a curriculum for special education children. A few years ago I published an article on the history of Forest Park in Queens. I retired from teaching and school administration in 2010 and shortly after began writing full time.”

SOLCover_2Her one wish: “Seeing the smiles on the face of children and adults while they are learning about history.” She supports many local charities as well as those which benefit veterans and children.

Barbara shared the she comes up with ideas for her work this way: “For my children’s books, I think about places I love and have visited that provide historical significance and inspiration. Then I look around and see which of these appear to be currently popular in the media. My biweekly articles for the local magazine need to be coordinated with the theme of each issue. That sometimes provides a real challenge.”

Her vision? “Tto show that our past has relevance to the present and to our future. Little   A: Miss HISTORY’S motto is, ‘If you don’t know your history, you don’t know what you are talking about’.”

The most important thing she wants people to know about her and her work: “I want them to know that I hope they have as much fun reading my books as I have had in writing them!”


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  1. We love the Little Miss History books at our house, my four year old chooses these books for bedtime. We can’t wait for the next one in this series!


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