Aspiring Authors Autumn Blog Tour: Melissa Phillips

Hello everyone! I want to welcome Melissa Phillips. She was born in Hurst, Texas but raised in Houston.  She graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington.

She currently lives in Houston, Texas with her baby dog, Peyton.  When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found roaming around town getting more ideas for her books, reading one of her many books on her bookshelf or tablet, or hanging out with her family.

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Claiming What’s His.  This is her latest and first novel in the romance genre.

Excerpt 1:

A pair of eyes locked to hers as she noticed his hands gripping the steering wheel.

He saw her.

The car squealed out of the lot and she chased after it.  It looped around the parking lot, gaining speed, fast.

Sam darted between cars, trying to cut it off.  She ran to the open and got in way of the car, hoping for them to stop.  As he rounded the parking lot, the passenger side window rolled down just slightly and I saw the silhouette of the other person.

The glare of a dark object slowly peaked out the window.  It looked to be the barrel of some sort.

A gun!


Sam lifted her gun in preparation to shoot.

It was them or her.

All Sam knew was that she wasn’t ready to die just yet.


When I talked to Melissa about her genre, she said, “Romance is everywhere.  It’s in every form and shape and, without it, there would be no zest in life.  Plus, I’m drawn to books with happy endings.” The way she gets from start to finish: “I have an odd process, compared to others.  My writing starts EVERYWHERE, and I mean that in the simplest way possible.  The minute I get a scene in my head, I immediately writing down the scene.  Then I start elaborating on that and the writing just starts flowing and I wouldn’t be able to stop.  But I’ve written the middle, then the beginning, then the middle some more, then the ending, and then back to the beginning again.  Eventually I get the finished product but that takes a lot of re-reading and organization to make sure my story flows.”

Researching, Melissa told me, “Most of my research was based on wardrobe, costumes and songs research.  There was also the effects of chloroform, wondering how long they typically lasts and if there are any side effects to it.  Everything else was from my imagination.  The other books will have more research for it and I’ve already started on those.”

The character she chose to share with me was one of “my characters in this series (yes, I said series) is NOT a main character but a recurring character, and her name is Dallas Dae.  She is the newest stripper of the Teasers strip club co-owned by Tyron Smith and Sasha Federov.  She is another character in the book and this is her “hidden identity” which no one knows about (until one main character catches her).”

Balancing time? She said, “Because I currently still work full time, my only free time to write is in the evenings.  Weekends are pretty busy with family get-togethers and going out of town but when I don’t have any certain plans, those times are used for writing as well.  I don’t have very many things going on in life so this allows me to use my time to write.”

When Melissa talked to me about who inspires her, she said, “Kristen Ashley.  When I first picked up her books over a year ago, I fell in love with her books.  I literally placed myself as the female characters in the books and imagined that it was me that was living in her books.  It was because of her that inspired me to write.  On the first review that I had gotten (which was a 5-star, yay!), the reviewer had compared my writing to Kristen Ashley’s and to me, where I was currently at with my book barely out for two weeks, is the highest honor I could’ve gotten from any reader.  I was in tears to hear that and it made me want to continue writing even more for those who enjoyed it.”

 Regarding her publishing experience, she said, “It was all good, very good.  The second I pressed that ‘publish’ button, my heart pounded until I saw my books on sale on the various sites.  Even after I pressed it, the experience itself has been surreal because I keep thinking that none of this is real and I’m somehow still waiting for it to hit me.”
Melissa is a busy bee, too. She is working on other projects. She said, “Books two through five are currently in the works for the What’s His series (remember when I said I write the scenes as they pop in my head?).  But there are definitely more than five books in this series.  I also have three more books in the works but I don’t have the series name yet (I do have the titles, but I won’t release that just yet).  I actually have one book that I had originally started but I couldn’t figure out the next plot for it; so it got pushed aside and Claiming What’s His was born.”
When asked about how long she has been writing, Melissa said, “This is my first year writing.  After reading KA’s books, I told myself that I could do this; if she could do it, I could too.  So that’s when I started writing and I never looked back.  I enjoy every minute of it.”
Her one wish:  “I would wish to continue writing for as long as I can and reach Nora Roberts level (hey, I could dream, right?).” St. Jude’s Hospital is the charity she supports.  The hardest thing about being an author: “There’s never enough time to write.  There’s so much to write but there isn’t enough time.  I have so many ideas and thoughts in my head that sometimes I don’t have the time to write them down (and eventually, I would forget).” The best thing about being an author: ” I get to lose myself in the book and write what I feel (if I were the character in the book).  Next would definitely be the flexible hours.” The most important thing she wants readers to know about her: ” First and foremost, ALL of my books will have happy endings.  I don’t know how I will get there for each one, but I’ll get there one way or another.  I’ve read so many books and some of them didn’t have the happy endings that it should have; therefore, those books, I didn’t like.  The reason for this is that I believe everyone deserves a happy ending, fictional or not.

And, thank you from the bottom of my heart!  This journey I’m taking as a writing is not only my outlet from my hectic life, but for the readers as well.  And as I continue to take this journey, I hope the readers join me every step of the way and enjoy the stories!”

Thanks so much for sharing with us tonight!


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