Aspiring Authors Autumn Blog Tour: Edi Cruz

meTonight our second author is Edi Cruz, an aspiring author who is waiting to be published. In her own words, here is her bio:

I am 41 years old and a stay-at-home mom of four. I live in Yuma, AZ but I was born in the Philippines. We have been living here in the USA since I was 13 years old.  I have been writing since I was eight, starting off with journals and diaries, to little imagination-fueled scribbling, then dabbled on to fan fictions, mostly Harry Potter.  Only about eight years ago did I pursue writing my own original stories.  Started off writing a fantasy one, but then characters for my upcoming release, Unbreaking the Broken, just kind of took over everything.  I am currently in the editing process, and hope to finish it and release the book before the end of October.  I am also currently a student at University of Phoenix pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English.

I love to write, read, play World of Warcraft, love super-hero movies (I think I’ve seen Thor and The Avengers way too many times, much to my children’s chagrins), and also a sucker for a good romantic movie.  I cry.  A lot.  That’s what good stories do to me.  I hope to be able to evoke the same kind of emotions to whoever reads my stories.”


Book Title (s):  Unbreaking the Broken

GENRE: I’m not really sure where it falls under. Romance/suspense/drama, possibly. What draws Cruz to the genre? “I actually started writing fantasy; however, during writing my fantasy story, Unbreaking just kind of invaded my mind and just took over. I’m assuming it’s safe to say that it drew to me rather than vice versa.”

Cruz explained that she is currently in the editing process on Unbreaking the Broken. She told me, “It is taking me quite a while, and I have missed both deadlines that I have set for it to be released. My new deadline is end of October, before NaNoWriMo starts.”

Regarding research for the book, she said, “Mostly the legal stuff, like conviction sentencing and such. Everything else came out of my own personal experience.”

A character she chose to talk about? Eva Foster… “Eva Foster is my main character, and she has bits of me in here.  She has low self-esteem, hard to take compliments, and basically can be gullible at times. The gullibility stems from wanting to be loved desperately.”

Cruz talked about how she balances her time: “I had just started back in school (online college) and right now, I am still working on the kinks.  My husband started as well, and he needs my help.  I pretty much do all my writing/editing at night when everyone has gone to bed and after I’ve finished with schoolwork.”

Authors that inspire her: M.L. Stephens and Lindy Zart.

I asked her what her perception of publishing was. She said, “This might sound weird, but MY perception of being published is sharing my vision/weirdness/craziness with the world, shared with my self-promise of proving to a lot of people that I am capable of living my dreams and that I am not the worthless and useless waste of oxygen that they always have perceived me to be.”

Other projects she’s working on? She told me this: “As I have said above, I was writing a fantasy before Eva, Pippa, and the others from Unbreaking the Broken took over.  It is called The Astanlia Scrolls. I have been working on that story for a while and would really like to get it out.  I also have another fantasy/romance story that I will be working on for NaNo that is Sleeping Beauty-ish, but without the Sleeping Beauty bit (towards the end where she got locked in the tower only to be awakened by a prince to break the spell).”

Cruz has been writing since she was eight years old. She explained that she started with journals/diaries. From there she began writing out ideas for original materials but never pursued them. “Dabbling with fanfiction (mostly Harry Potter),” eight years ago she met her husband and with his support and belief in her writing, she decided to officially start her pursuit toward publication.

Cruz told me that she has a “wild and vivid imagination. The ideas just come to me. I don’t really thought of them much per se. Mostly, I just write, the ideas come out with the ink on paper, and I just work through them as I go.”

Her vision: “My vision is that I have lived my dreams. That when I am published, it means that I have found my purpose.”

The most important thing she wants people to know about her work? “That everything I write comes from my heart, my imagination, my wishes for myself, and living them in my work is as close to reality as I can make them.  And if the readers see and feel what I did, then I did my job right.”

I want to offer a heart felt thanks to Edi for interviewing this evening!

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