Aspiring Authors Autumn Blog Tour: Liberty Ann Ireland

My image (2)Welcome back to the blog tour! Tonight the spotlight shines on Liberty Ann Ireland. In her own words, she presents her bio: “I a 40-something aspiring author of Contemporary Cowboy/Country Romances.  My husband and our three amazing daughters live in a small town in North Texas.  Though born, raised and living in Suburbia, I am a country girl at heart.

Life has given me many opportunities including raising cattle, sheep, horses and every small pet imaginable, living/working on a fantastic ranch in Southern Montana, living and working in Quebec, Canada and learning French which later led to working for Disney and working in Paris when they opened Disneyland Paris.  I gave birth to and adopted three marvelous girls (including a mind-blowing trip to China), blogged since 2006 (product reviews, book reviews and life) and now stretching my wings as an author.  Of course, when I write, I have to have Gatorade G2 and Jolly Ranchers. *grin*

I love reading, animals, Disney, travel, Cowboys, cookies and the outdoors.  My favorite reads are about Hot Cowboys (of course!), emotion filled romances, Vamps, Hot Cowboys, Shifters (especially Bear Shifters, Yum!), erotic and BDSM romance and did I mention Hot Cowboys? *snicker*”




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Book Title (s) Hoofprints on Their Hearts (Hearts in Danger Series, Book 1)





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“You remember Zane Johnson from over at the Triple J?  You all used to make mud pies together.”

“More like he put mud in my hair and mice down my shirt!  I can’t remember the last time I saw him.  Why is he picking us up?  What are you not telling me Grams?”

“Oh, nothing to worry your pretty little head about Harley Danyell .  He has been working for me for a while, helping me take care of the farm. That’s about all it is these days.  With his help, I can keep the cows and chickens and whatnot and help out the folks that need it in the valley.  He has been really good to me and become quite an exceptional man.  I guess he was probably away at college and then in Afghanistan the last couple of times you were here, so no, you haven’t seen him in a long time.”

“Huh. He finally made it home.  Well, I can’t visualize him as anyone other than that punk who used to pull my braids and I can’t imagine…”

“Been waitin’ long Ms. Ruby?” interrupted a deep rumble.

Harley followed the sound and found a pair of the most incredible chocolate brown eyes she had ever seen staring straight at her.

“Oh no Zane“, explained Ruby. “Harley’s plane just got here and we are still waitin’ on her luggage.”

Nervously, Harley injected, “And there they are now.  It’s the violet and aubergine pair

Standing near the carrousel, “Ma’am” was the single word to come out of Zane’s mouth.  Following her with his eyes, he motioned Harley out of the way and easily lifted her suitcases to the ground.

Ruby patted his arm.  “Harley honey, is there anything else we need to look for?”

“No Grams.  That will do it.” she mumbled in a somewhat bewildered voice.

As they began to walk to the car with Zane in the lead, Ruby exclaimed, “Harley Danyell!  Tell me that is not the only coat you brought!  It’s way too chilly here for a little lightweight thing like that.”

Snapping out of her daze a bit, Harley looked down at her hoodie.  “Grams, I thought since it was April that it would be spring, even up here.”

“Harley it is spring but spring in Montana is peppered with snowstorms and wind.  I am surprised you and your Mama forgot that.” Ruby chided.

Right about then, Harley felt a large, enigmatic presence step toward her holding a warm-looking lined denim jacket.  Zane rumbled “Ma’am” by way of invitation as he held it open for her to slip on.

Harley tipped her head back so she could look up into those chocolaty pools again, saying, “I – I couldn’t take your coat Zane.” As she stepped back, she felt the warmth leave her as his gaze drifted to Ruby.

“Ms. Ruby, I have on layers of clothes and I’m accustomed to the weather here.  Please tell her to take it.”  Zane seemed mildly distressed.

“Oh, you have such a big heart!” Ruby gushed. “I am sure she will be happy to borrow your jacket, right Harley?”

Just like that, the warmth returned as his gaze searched Harley’s face for some sign of acquiescence.  Not sure what else to do, she slipped her arms into the waiting sleeves and he placed it around her.  Many sizes too big, she felt as though she had just been intimately wrapped in his arms somehow, a feeling that left her a little ill at ease.  She murmured a thank you and with that being settled, they continued toward the waiting Suburban.

As they drove, Ruby continued to prattle on, trying to catch Harley up on all the things she missed.  “Now you know that Tyson and Ashley’s wedding is coming up in a few weeks, right Harley?” Grams asked.

“Tyson is old enough to get married?” shrieked Harley.  “When did that happen and who is Ashley?”

“Well let’s see…Zane, you’re thirty one now, right?” Ruby asked.  When he gave a single nod, she continued, “And you are about twenty four…” looking at Harley.

“Twenty…” she squeaked.  After clearing her throat, Harley tried again to find her voice.  “Twenty five Grams.”

“Oh that’s right,” Ruby nodded.  “Then that makes Tyler about twenty four if I’m not mistaken and you remember Ashley.  She’s the Thompson’s daughter from the end of the Valley.  You two were thick as fleas the last couple of summers you spent up here.  Seems like Ashley and Tyler have been an item for, oh as long as I can remember,” Ruby replied brightly.

“Oh my Ashley.  I can’t wait to see her again!  And getting married?  Wow.  Talk about life changing.  She’s younger than I am and I have not even considered marriage,” Harley concluded.

“Sounds like you just haven’t met the right man,” intoned Zane.

Harley stared back nervously at Zane’s eyes in the rearview mirror.

Oh my word…I cannot even speak coherent sentences around this guy and he thinks he knows who I have and have not met, including the ‘right guy’?  What the hell would he know?!

“So we have been invited to dinner at the Triple J tonight as a Welcome Home for you and they will all be there,” Ruby continued.

“WHAT?!  I…they…oh Grams…*gulp* T-t-Tonight?” Harley said.  She could hardly believe her ears. 

Dinner at the Johnsons?  With EVERYone there?  Including one brown haired, well-muscled hottie named Zane?  Shit.

“Why yes.  Is that a problem?”

Harley closed her eyes for a moment.  When she opened them again, all she could see is the reflection of a set eyes staring at her with an eyebrow raised, almost as if in challenge.  She took a deep breath and replied with enthusiasm, “Tonight will be great Grams.  I cannot wait to see everyone!”

As she slid her eyes back up to the mirror, she could almost feel the silent laughter rolling off the driver.

Oh. My. Word.  He is laughing at me!  Well, I will show him, Mister Know-It-All cowboy.  I will talk to everyone BUT him and make sure I sit at the opposite end of the table.  Smart Ass…”.


Liberty told me of a few works-in-progress:

Hoofprints, the Contemporary Cowboy Romance/Suspense I am sharing here.

Drunk On You, the prequel for the Only For You Series, a Contemporary Country Romance for Valentine’s Day

Patches, the beginning of a Contemporary Country Romance series yet to be named.

And for NaNo this month, I am working on Mama’s Broken Heart, a Contemporary Country Romance

Busy, busy!

I asked what draws Liberty to the genres she’s mentioned. She said, “Despite growing up in the city, I have always been a country girl at heart.  Cowboys, Cattle and Country Music are some of my greatest loves in life.  My writing gives my alter ego a chance to do all the things I love, even if only in writing.”

 She discussed research regarding her book. She said, “My information for my research three or four different ways:

·         Internet searches for maps, agricultural statistics, and farming/ranching blogs/websites like the Leffingwell’s G Bar M Ranch.

·         The life of my friend Gary Leo Taylor along with his tales and antics.

·         Personal experience raising cattle, sheep and horses and living/working on a ranch or four.

·         And Country and Cowboy romances written by some of my favorite authors and Country Music.”

Jaxon from Drunk On You was the topic of conversation also. She said, “He’s hot, romantic, a terrific dancer, and an orgasmic kisser!  He is also close to his family, hard, hard worker, great with his hands and with animals.  Oh and he loves to eat Frankie’s cooking as well as cook with her.  Ooh the fun those two have in the kitchen! Yeow!”

Like all of us, we struggle to balance our responsibilities. Liberty is no exception. She said, “That has been a huge struggle for a long time but for now, I think I have it pretty much worked out.  I have off-loaded most of my other responsibilities away from home and writing is now my ‘work’. I write largely during the day while my man is at work and my kids are at school.  Sometimes, when I am under a time crunch, I write at night or during the daytime on the weekends.  My family is incredibly supportive and they try to take up the slack during those times.  Afternoons and evenings are family time and hubby time is from about 9 to 10 pm during the week and weekend nights.  So far, so good!”

Authors who inspire her: Carrie Ann Ryan, Kathleen Bell, Kellie Kamryn, Rosanna Leo, Paloma Beck, Randi Alexander, Kelly Elliot, Krystal Shannan, Em Pavlova, Lia Davis, Ditter Kellen, Emily Guido, and above all, Harlie Williams.

Liberty’s idea about publication was interesting. She said, “You know, I see it as a significant accomplishment.  Even with all of the self-publishing that happens, the fact that a person had an idea they felt strongly about, enough so that they wanted to write a book. Then they muscled through the entire process from planning to writing to editing to publishing…  They finished what they started and they did not let discouragement, setbacks or frustration get in their way.  Yes, there will be a serious party going on with my first publication. *grin*”

She expounded on her previous statements about her work in progress also: “I told you about my other works in progress.  I also have been reviewing and promoting books and events galore on my blog.  While I have slowed that down considerably to accommodate my writing schedule, I still help out my author friends and others in the book industry with reviews and promotions. I also participate with a wonderfully talented group of Romance authors in The Romance Troupe, sharing our work, holding events for the online public and supporting one another.”

Marketing strategies: “Without a published book as yet, my strategies really have applied to helping others, something I think is always effective.  I am and will be working to encourage readers to follow me and hopefully fall in love with my books as they come out. As a reader myself, I rely on the opinions of others and support book tours online and in person when possible.  I believe in effectively utilizing Social Media for advertising and really interacting with my readers.  I am a strong believer in free books to encourage people to start a series and learn about your writing.  I love my characters and really look forward to sharing them at book signings and conventions.”

We also talked about her personal history of being a writer: “I have always loved to read and knew in Sixth Grade that writing fiction was something I enjoyed doing.  Most of my writing took the form of school assignments, journaling and scrapbooking until my late twenties.  My life became a whirlwind of challenges and lessons in life for about fifteen years, with little time for writing or even reading.  As I started to reclaim my life a couple years ago, I began doing more and more of the things I truly loved, especially reading. In making peace with some of my personal demons, I rediscovered writing and realized I wanted to and could write and publish A book (singular).  Learning about writing over that past year has made a believer out of me in my ability along with my enthusiasm for Contemporary Country Romance will allow me to be the author I want to become.”

Her one wish: “That it would show my girls and other women that they truly can do anything they want to and be themselves, if only they are willing to try.”

Charities she supports: ” Half the Sky supporting my daughter’s abandoned Chinese ‘siblings’ and Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund helping catastrophically injured rodeo cowboys and their families.”

Her vision: “To be published at least five times in 2014 with at least one of them in paperback.  I want to develop a significant reader following and interact with them all over the world, building in numbers year after year.  I want to earn enough money to help lighten the load financially at home while expressing myself creatively and taming my demons.  I want to continue to write as long as I have ideas…hopefully for a very long, long time.”

The most important thing she wants people to know about her: “My writing and my stories are a work of heart – my heart. I write the things that my heart and soul need as well as so many others.  Tough Heroes, strong women, tightly knit families and some spicy romance are fairy tales for adults.  We all need those escapes and the chance to believe that cowboys do wear white hats and yes, good really does triumph over evil.”


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